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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When the wrong guys win

Before your eyes glaze over, eyeball this and then come right back.

Remember, this is your money.
True colors.
Egypt is second only to Israel in the amount of money the federal government sends out as foreign aid. Combined with Egypt, the two countries account for nearly 1/3 of foreign aid sent out by the US.

Your money. Taken from you involuntarily.

Now do you think it matters whether of not Hosni Mubarak stays in power?

Hoser, as I gleefully shout every time his name is mentioned on the radio newscasts I listen to, has led Egypt for eons. Under his dictatorship, Egypt has recognized Israel as a sovereign state.
More a case of His Way or death.

This has extremely torqued a lot of the Muslim world over there and deep fried a lot of muslims in Egypt.

Do you still wonder why Mubarak & Co. get so much US money?

Mubarak has also led the Land o’ Pharaohs to massive economic reforms, an educated populace, the kinds of freedoms NOT experienced in most muslim countries and in general been a pretty good guy to have running the joint.

That said he is a dictator. His word is law.

But, he is an ally of the United States in a region of the world where the world America is used in the same tone of voice used to describe painful bowel movements and acute infestations of parasites.
Well, this example won't make you hurl your breakfast on your keyboard like some examples of parasite infestations which I found.
Is being an ally important? The federal government, which is not you in this case, certainly thinks so.

Do you think so?

Enjoy paying $3 or more a gallon for gasoline?

What do you think the cost would be without the federal government sending aid to Middle Eastern nations and Israel?

Our gas prices are subsidized by your tax dollars flowing into the Middle East. You can’t draw that as a straight line, but in terms of Washington finances, this is a less byzantine relationship than most.

Ready to switch to electric vehicles or biodiesel or ethanol?

What do you think will happen when Mubarak steps down and elections are held? The US, which DEMANDS democratic regimes, has already experienced this once in the Middle East.

After demanding free elections, the US was slapped down hard when the Palestinians elected an anti-US pro-fundamental Islam government. Some of you may remember this.
After winning a multi-million lottery jackpot this guy found the love of his life.
So what happened? The US immediately began complaining “the wrong guys won the election.”

How can “the wrong guys” win in a fair and open election? I wonder the exact same thing every time I look our government in Washington.

If the same thing happens in Egypt and the US loses this ally, Israel is in deeper kimchee than ever. Which means the US will step up aid to Israel. Israel will get more trigger happy than ever.

Which means more war. Which means more US involvement. Which means more troops on foreign soil.


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