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Friday, June 24, 2016

Will of the minority

Do you want rule by the majority or rule by a minority?

Lemme make this clear - a majority is 50 percent + 1 of the people. If there are 100 people, 51 is a majority. If 1 million people, 500,001 is a majority. Majority means everyone. Nobody left out. That baby just being born, he counts.

"But babies can't make decisions," you say.

The people means everyone.

"What about people in this country illegally?"

What part of everyone is so hard to understand?

"You are insane."

May be. But you just said, no, you do not want rule by a majority. Instead, you want rule by a selected group.

Which group?

"Registered voters over 18 and older."

What about a 23 year old man with an effective IQ of 30. Can't speak. No control over body functions. Born in Denver to parents also born in Denver, tracing a complete family history back to the American Revolution. Does he get to vote?

Ah. The debbil is in de details!

Poll tax anyone? Constitution comprehension test anyone?


Great Britain let came close to letting democracy rule yesterday. The Brexit let the registered voters determine the course of a nation. Go UK! RULE BRITANNIA!

When was the last time our Congress let the nation's registered voters decide an issue? Never. The American Revolution came before Congress, so that doesn't count.


To preserve rule by a minority. Like it or not, the US Constitution was specifically and intentionally crafted to create rule by a minority. Under the Constitution, the mass of voters are specifically and with intention aforethought prevented from having a direct role in statecraft.

I have yet to meet anyone who truly favors complete democracy. You do not. Not entirely sure I do.

If you celebrate ANY decision by the US Supreme Court you clearly show you do not want majority rule. You want 5 people to decide the course of a nation. Short of a single-person dictatorship or the triumvirate that once ruled Burma, I don't know of a smaller majority that runs a country.