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Monday, November 20, 2017

Guns regulated like vehicles? Yes please.

People who don't know any better keep saying we need to regulate guns like vehicles.

Yes. Please. Can we do that immediately?

Let's put a critical eye on this detail and lemme show you why people who truly believe that either do not know what they are talking about or they are people who truly understand the 2nd Amendment.

Sometimes I provide examples. Sometimes I do not, but I will if you ask. Fair warning - this is long and may get longer as I remember things. I am trying to be comprehensive.

If I have made a mistake, or left something out, tell me. I will edit and revise. And I have revised a few times as I remember stuff. Interesting, no one from the gun control lobby has mentioned any oversights.

Points are listed at random.

Start here-


Every state grants exceptions for operating vehicles on public roads, NO LICENSE NEEDED. Look. It. Up. Tractors and combines are included in the definition of a vehicle. More definition follows. You may disagree with the definition of vehicle here, in which case you are wrong. Seriously. I am well-tired of people who cannot read their local, state and federal laws regarding the definition of vehicle and operation thereof. If you intend to argue this point, I probably will block you. Read. The. Law.

Ag vehicles, which include cropdusters, are capable of more than 100 miles an hour and have more horsepower than anything Detroit produces these days. With a wagon on the back, think hayride, they can haul as many people as a school bus.

I checked about dozen states. For the operation of ag vehicles on public roads:

• No age limit
• No vehicle registration
• No insurance

Further, many communities allow golf carts on public roads. My community does. No license needed. My community does have an insurance requirement and an age limit. Other golf cart communities do not.

A public license is not needed to drive vehicles on private property. Insurance is not needed.

Operating a vehicle on a public road is legal.

Follow the rules of the road, which are pretty uniform from state to state.

Driving toward someone is legal. Running them over is not.

States set speed limits. There is no firearm equivalent, unless you refer to rate of fire which is governed by federal law.

Law enforcement must have a warrant or have a reasonable belief that a crime is being committed to go onto private property to check a vehicle.

Seat belt use is a state-level requirement. There is no firearm equivalent.

Your state requirements may vary.

Operating a firearm on a public road is generally illegal. Some Western states allow hunting from the road. Restrictions apply and vary by state.

In general, just shooting from a public road is not permitted.

Pointing a gun down the road just to do it is illegal.

Firing a gun across lanes of traffic is illegal.

Pointing a gun at someone is questionable. Shooting at someone, regardless of impact, is illegal unless in self-defense. In some states, lethal use of a firearm even in self-defense can result in criminal charges.

Some states actually require you to retreat in the face of lethal threats. Not kidding. There is no vehicular equivalent. Get you some -

Minors may operate firearms when under supervision of an adult.

Discharging a firearm in the city limits, except under highly specific circumstances, is generally illegal.

Law enforcement can go onto private property to check a firearm without suspecting illegal activity and without a warrant.


I am not aware of any kind of vehicle banned by a state. It may exist. I don't know about it. The federal government bans vehicles. NB: I cannot swear this website is accurate. Some of the "banned" vehicles and the reasons given appear to conflict with vehicles already on the road in the US.  I also believe this list is not complete; other vehicles may be banned by the US.

Federal import rules

Several states outright ban certain categories of firearms except for law enforcement use. Get some - This link runs you to the actual state law, not NRA hype.

The federal government has banned a bunch.

This is in addition to the select-fire manufacturing restriction passed during the Reagan era.


Anyone can legally own a vehicle, at least under federal law. State law may say differently. The only knot in this particular rope is the age of the owner. Under federal and state law, a minor cannot enter into a legal contract. So, is owning a vehicle a legal contract? If the vehicle needs to be financed, yes. If the vehicle is bought outright or a gift, no. Minors buy things in stores all the time. No contract needed.

Vehicles may be given outright to minors. The late Dr. Penn White gave my son Jesse an MG Midget. Jesse was in elementary school at the time.

A person convicted of a felony may legally own a vehicle. A person convicted of multiple DUI infractions may own a vehicle.

Not aware of any ownership restrictions in any state for vehicles, up to and including decommissioned tanks.

Vehicles may be given as gift without restriction.

No limit on the number of vehicles that may be owned.

No state has a waiting period for purchasing a vehicle

The Constitution does not guarantee the right to own a vehicle.

To legally own certain classes of firearm, a person must be at least 18 under federal law. That is for long guns. The age is 21 for handguns.

Several states outright ban certain categories of firearms except for law enforcement use.

Firearms may be gifted, provided the receiver is legally allowed to own the firearm under state and federal law.

No limit on the number of firearms that may be owned. Possession of more than a certain amount of a single caliber or gauge of ammunition requires a federal arsenal permit.

A person convicted of a felony may not legally own a firearm. A person committed to a mental institution may not legally own a firearm. A person convicted of assault may not own a firearm. The list goes on.

Get some -

Some states impose a waiting limit on buying a firearm.

When buying a firearm from a licensed dealer, the BATFE may impose a 3-day waiting period with no explanation. At the end of the period, the BATFE may say no sale, sale approved, or sale to be determined by the license holder. There is no vehicle equivalent.

The Constitution backed up by a Supreme Court decision, says owning a firearm is a Constitutional right.

Three significant pieces of legislation also govern certain kinds of firearms. There is no vehicle equivalent.


Got money? Buy it.

Those on the left say that if you are in business, you must do business with anyone who has money. Bake a cake, in other words.

Prohibiting someone from legally owning a vehicle requires an order from a judge.

Sales from a dealer are subject to local sales tax and possibly property taxes and possibly local registration requirements. I say possibly because collector vehicles may not be registered in some places. Also, in some states the purchase of ag vehicles is exempt from sales tax.

Purchase of new vehicles with certain engine types may allow the owner an income tax break.

Anyone may cross a state line and buy a vehicle in a state where they do not live.

Buying from a dealer requires either a federal background check OR a state-approved firearms license. Regardless, federal paperwork must be filled out when buying from a dealer.

Federal regulations allow require a firearms dealer to refuse a sale if he believes the buyer should not have the firearm EVEN IF THE BUYER PASSES THE FEDERAL BACKGROUND CHECK. A firearms dealer may refuse to sell a firearm without giving a reason. Federal regulation.

Private sales may or may not require background checks, depending on state law. Regardless, sale of a firearm to someone legally prohibited from owning a firearm is a federal offense.

Prohibiting someone from owning a firearm may require an order from a judge, i.e. criminal conviction, judged mentally incompetent, etc. Preventing someone over 21 from legally owning a firearm may not require a judge's order, i.e. being under pysch-type care.

Sales from a dealer are subject to the federal Pittman-Robertson act taxes, local sales taxes and possibly local registration requirements.

When buying a firearm in another state, only long guns may be purchased by a non-resident, subject to everything else listed above and below. Handgun purchases are only allowed within the state of residence. This is a federal regulation and has no vehicle equivalent.

One firearm may be purchased per year and deducted from federal taxes, if the firearm is used in a business. Farming allows this for crop predation control. Think hunting wild hogs to save the peanuts.

I have a 3/4 inch thick book from the BATF giving me the regulations on the sale of firearms. I doubt the vehicle industry has the same.


Vehicles are grouped into classes. Ag. Commercial transport (semi). Commercial person transport (bus, limo). Recreational. Racing/Professional sport. Passenger/Private. Aquatic. Air. AutoCycle (in some states). Motorcycle. Industrial (in some states). Driving SOME of these vehicles requires a license. Some require an advanced or special license.

Firearms are in classes.

Some are not regulated. Airguns are not considered firearms, depending on the use and state regulations. Antique meaning made before 1898. Obsolete, meaning ammo for the firearm is no longer available. Muzzleloader, meaning it must be loaded from the muzzle and cannot use modern smokeless powder; can be handgun or long gun. (Savage and Daisy experienced this requirement and those guns are now collector's items, commanding a serious price.) Anyone can buy and own these, subject to state law. No license needed to buy, own or sell. Age requirement is a gray area.

HOWEVER - The definition of "weapon" is highly subjective and may include any of the above. Take a blackpowder pistol to rob a bank, and you are guilty of armed robbery. Same with an airgun. There is no vehicle equivalent.

Curio & Relic, meaning 40 years old or older or special designation into this category by the BATFE. BATFE has a special firearms license for this category allowing the holder to buy and sell guns in this group across state lines.

Long guns are a category. Think shotgun and rifle. Long gun barrel length is federally regulated to a minimum.

Handguns are a category. Think Dirty Harry's revolver. Handgun barrel length is federally regulated to a maximum.

A new class of short-barreled shotgun, with a pistol grip, was recently added to the categories. These firearms must still maintain a minimum length. Addition of a shoulder stock, even once, moves these guns into the Tax Stamp short barreled firearm category.

Tax Stamp required firearms are short-barreled long guns (any other weapon). Fully automatic (select-fire). Destructive Devices (DD), items having a bore of more than a half-inch and generally recognized as not having any sporting use.

Sporting use means 10 and 8 gauge shotguns (which would otherwise be a DD) are sporting arms despite the bore size. Other examples are the 577 Tyrannosaur, the 600 and 700 Nitro Express double rifles, the 4-bore and the 2-bore.

Industrial application. These firearms are special use and special manufacture. They are not used for hunting, sporting, training or law enforcement purposes. (Nor would you want to for that matter.) They are found in very specific factories and coal-burning power plants where they are used to remove "eyebrows" from drums and boilers. They could fall under the tax-stamp requirement under a strict interpretation of the law, but they are not placed there. As best I know, Remington and Winchester are the sole US manufacturers of these firearms.

Railguns are not regulated in any fashion I'm aware of. There is no vehicle equivalent. Still, use one in the commission of a crime, and you will be charged with using a "weapon."


A driver's license from any state or territory is valid in any other state or territory. 16 is the minimum age to receive a license. A learner's permit is available at 15. There is no minimum age needed to obtain a private pilot's license.

Every state is a "shall issue" for driver's licenses. Pass the test, get a license. You cannot be denied unless your license is suspended for some infraction. Licensing requirements vary by state.

Once you get a license in one state, you can move to another state and get the same license there without testing.

A license is not required to own a vehicle.

A weapons permit is only valid in the state of issue and in states with a reciprocal agreement. A Georgia driver's license is valid in any US state or territory. A Georgia firearms permit is only valid in the Peach State and in states with a reciprocity agreement.

Get some -

Most states with a carry license have a minimum age of 21 for the permit. Getting a permit in some states requires some training.

Some states are "shall issue." Some states are "may issue." May issue means you can be denied a license for any reason or no reason. Some states are "open carry" meaning no license is required.
Some states do not require any training for a firearms license.

A firearms license will not automatically transfer to another state. You must meet that state's requirements.

A license is not required to own a gun.

Tax Stamp
It is not a license, but rather a federal tax stamp. The stamp is needed to legally own a DD, short barrel firearm or select-fire gun in every state and territory This paperwork must be in possession of the person who has the tax stamp weapon in every state and territory.

Some states do not allow certain tax-stamp firearms.

A tax-stamp firearm also requires approval from a local law enforcement agency head. This permission may be denied with no reason given.

A National Firearms Act (NFA) trust may be created to "own" a Tax Stamp firearm or accessory. Local law enforcement permission is not required. Other requirements remain. Other "users" may be added to this trust, provided the person is eligible to legally use a firearm. No checks are required to add people.


You can drive any vehicle across state lines, provided it meets the local and state road requirements for being on the road. It may mean headlights, brake lights and turn signals, safety belts, insurance, registration and a license. As noted above, these items are not always required.

You must meet the state and local regulations, which vary widely. New York prohibits magazines above a certain capacity. New York also requires firearms be carried in a separate locked container from ammunition. Other states vary in transportation requirements.

Transporting a tax stamp weapon (think full auto) means the person with the weapon and the tax stamp must alert authorities that the weapon is crossing state lines. Some states prohibit certain tax stamp firearms, so transporting it across a state line is illegal even if you call ahead.


Dispensing gasoline must be overseen by someone with a driver's license or over 18. This is rarely enforced in my opinion as young'uns are routinely seen buying gas in gas cans for lawnmowers & so forth.

Parts may be purchased by anyone with money.

Oil, filters, transmission fluid, etc. may be purchased by anyone with money.

Purchasing ammo requires the person to be at least 18 or 21 depending on the ammo. Strictly handgun ammo, the buyer must be 21. If the ammo can be handgun or long gun, the seller has to be sure the person buying will use it in a long gun if the buyer is under 21.

Reloading supplies may be purchased by anyone.


Some roads and bridges in every state are weight-restricted.

Some states and cities have emissions requirements for vehicles.

Height requirements are set by state law.

Restrictions noted throughout this article.


Vehicles may be parked on public property, school grounds, state and federal enclaves in marked places and sometimes unmarked places. Vehicles may be taken into buildings on these properties.

Businesses are free to restrict vehicle possession and use on their grounds.

Age restrictions are possible, but unusual unless linked directly to the age needed for the license (21 for CDL.)

Firearms may not be taken into buildings on these properties. Some exceptions are for organized and coached sporting events. Shotgun tournaments hosted by the 4-H is an example, but the firearms are closely monitored and the person must adhere to a volume of safety regulations.

A person over 18 must be in attendance for a firearm to be legally allowed on school grounds even for an organized event.

Businesses are free to restrict firearm possession and use on their grounds.


Commission of a Crime
Possession of a vehicle during the commission of a crime is not an additional charge in most states. Using the vehicle to actually commit the crime (run over someone) may be different. Your state regs may vary.

Possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime is an additional charge in every state. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon during commission of a crime is an additional charge in every state.


Vehicle size is governed by weight, with a maximum set under state and federal law. Execptions many be granted by seeking special permission. There is no firearm equivalent.

Misuse of a vehicle ranges from a civil offense to a federal capital punishment eligible crime.

Misuse of a firearm is a crime ranging from a misdemeanor to a federal capital punishment eligible crime.

Some states allow hunting from a vehicle. Regs vary by state.

All states have restrictions on firearm types, caliber and shot size for hunting.

Except in the new category of shotgun with has a minimum length, barrels shorter than certain length must have rifling grooves. To do otherwise creates a short-barreled gun subject to the Tax Stamp. There is no vehicle equivalent.

Hazardous material transport applies to certain items hauled in vehicles, including ammunition primer and powder. It also applies to acids, fuels and etc. Aside from an upper gross vehicle weight limit, there is no limit to how much fuel a vehicle may transport without needing a HazMat permit. This may appear to be a contradiction on fuel, but it is not. Semis routinely haul hundreds of pounds of fuel to engine consumption, no permit needed. Hauling it as cargo is hazmat.

HazMat applies to transport of ammo, powder and primers over a certain weight, under 10 pounds as I remember, for private transport. HazMat applies to any commercial transport of said items. Amount of ammunition over a certain amount is subject to federal regulation.

Fuel must be stored in approved containers. Storing fuel in glass jars is considered construction of a Destructive Device and subject to a federal Tax Stamp.

Powder may be stored in glass jars. Powder stored in pipes and other improvised explosive devices determined by an investigating officer may be considered Destructive Devices and subject to the federal Tax Stamp.


To get a vehicle sales license, some states require classes, insurance and a regular license fee. This varies by state. Most cities also require a business license for the dealer.

To get a federal firearms license, the person must:

• Be fingerprinted.
• Undergo an extensive background check, much more thorough than the check needed to buy a firearm.
• Have the premises where the firearms are sold inspected. Inspections may be done annually.
• Prove he wants the license to make money (Yes. This is a federal requirement.)
• Have a meeting with a BATFE agent to discuss the application (for a commercial dealer or higher license. Not needed for Curio & Relict)
• Pay the license fee each year or every three years, depending on the license.
• Keep records for 20 years of every transaction.
• Prove firearms can be stored in a safe location.
• Report any theft of a firearm to the BATFE within 24 hours.
• Submit reports (depending on license) on all firearms sales to local law enforcement regularly (depending on local regs).
• Have a physical location.
• Have the property zoned for commercial firearms sales (C&R excepted).
• Specify which license is requested. BATFE has a bunch. It ranges from the C&R to the destructive device construction and import license.
• A business license.

Get some -


Vehicle accessories are limited. Blue lights are restricted to law enforcement use and special permit.

Flashing lights may be restricted by state or local law.

Vehicle height is restricted by local law in some places.

Window tint is restricted in some states.

Other accessories may be limited by local or state law.

Fuel composition is governed by state and federal law. There is no exact parallel to firearms.

Some states restrict magazine capacity.

Some states restrict stocks - nothing collapsible, sliding wire -rame, front grips, etc.

Certain projectiles are illegal under federal law. There is no exact parallel to vehicles.

Changing barrels on the firearm may be federally illegal, depending on the configuration of the firearm and the length of the barrel and rifling in the barrel, without a Tax Stamp.

Federal law specifies what part of a firearm is the actual "gun." Must meet federal requirements to own this. Other parts may be purchased by anyone.

Possession of certain parts of a firearm, not the "gun" is illegal without a Tax Stamp.


Some states ban vehicles without mufflers. Some states put decibel limits on motorcycles. No jake brakes in some localities.

Some states and communities outright ban suppressors. Some restrict them. Regardless, it requires a federal Tax Stamp for each suppressor.


Vehicle registration varies by state and vehicle. Sometimes required, sometimes not.

Registration varies by state and firearm. Sometimes required, mostly not.


Anyone can buy a kit vehicle and put it together. Registration requirement varies by state. The vehicle may be sold to anyone.

Inspection often required in order to get registration and tags.

Once made, can be sold to anyone.

Anyone can buy an unrestricted firearm kit, blackpowder for instance, and put it together.

Other classes are subject to federal firearm ownership restrictions. Construction and possession is illegal as noted above.

Sale of kit firearms, which are subject to federal regulation is generally prohibited, unless it is done through a dealer. If you make your own centerfire or rimfire firearm you do not need to put a serial number on it. This is recommended. If no serial number, you cannot sell this firearm, but may leave it to someone in your will.

No one, excepting someone with a Class III or higher manufacturer's permit, may make a DD or select-fire firearm. Select-fire may only be sold to law enforcement or kept as a demonstration model. If the Class III or higher license is ever surrendered or not renewed, any display firearm must be turned into the BATFE.

No inspection requirements.

The "80 percent" rule allows anyone to buy a block that needs machining work to become a completed firearm. This is a precision operation and well beyond the capabilities of most people without a CNC machine. CNC devices are thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The block has to be no more than 80 percent complete. If the person is prohibited from owning a firearm, completing the block to make it into a firearm is a federal crime.


Depending on the kind of instruction, requirements vary. Class requirements vary.

Depending on kind of instruction, requirements vary, but at minimum require a background check and be legally allowed to own a firearm as well as tax certifying classes by a certifying agency.


Federal law oversees the license for manufacturing of commercial vehicles. It has three levels. 1) A custom shop that turns out a few vehicles a year. Think racing shop. No license needed. 2) Small manufacturer. I forget the number made in a year before this requirement kicks in. 3) Mass market. Ford, Chrysler, GMC, etc.

Repair shops generally need a local business license. They may be subject to additional taxes and laws such as workman's comp and unemployment insurance.

Any repair shop may repair any vehicle, if the shop is capable. In general, no specific license is required to be a mechanic. State laws may vary. No license is needed to send a vehicle across a state line for repair. Certifications are available.

Certain parts on vehicles may not be repaired by the owner, under the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA); this affects the software and electronic components used by the software. Only licensed shops may effect the repair. There is no firearm equivalent.

Manufacture of a kit vehicle or a restoration does not require registration. Manufacture for commercial sale requires federal registration of some sort of identification number, be that a VIN or engine number.

Federal and local regulations govern emissions.

The manufacture of 1 firearm for commercial sale requires a federal gun manufacturing license. BATFE recently ruled that making some modifications to firearms parts, threading a barrel for instance for commercial sale, also requires a federal firearms license.

Gunsmith shops generally need a local business license. They may be subject to additional taxes and laws such as workman's comp and unemployment insurance.

Working on Class III or other Tax Stamp firearms requires the gunsmith to hold the necessary federal licenses to possess and work on such items. Gunsmiths are not required to have a federal firearms license, but it is recommended. If the gun passes over a state line to the smith direct, a license is required. Certifications are available.

The owner may repair any part of his firearm without license or approval, unless the firearm requires software and electronic parts governed by software, in which case the federal DMCA applies. If that happens, only a licensed shop may effect repairs.

Manufacture of a firearm for private use and not for sale under any circumstances does not require registration. The maker still must be allowed to own the firearm under local, state and federal law. Manufacture for commercial sale requires federal registration of the serial number.

Select-fire firearms may not be manufactured by an individual without the appropriate federal licenses. Other Tax Stamp weapons may be legally manufactured by an individual after paying the Tax Stamp and received BATFE approval.

Federal law requires the use of non-toxic (steel, bismuth, tungsten) shot for hunting waterfowl. California has non-lead hunting bullet requirements.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Food banks and how you can help EVEN MORE

Tis the season for people to start donating food to food banks.

As a Board Member of a one food bank and a contributor to several others, Thank you. Thank you. Thank. You.

You are awesome.

Wanna do more to help? Want to help people even MORE than you already do with less effort on your part? (Or, more effort in a few instances as I shall explain.) Here's how.


If you hunt, donate the meat. In my community, I accept deer and hogs and I do the processing. If you can't get ahold of me and still want to donate, take the critter over to any deer processor here and tell 'em it is for me for the food bank. They'll call me and I'll come get the meat. Stacey Keen's place, off Highway 32, and I have an arrangement for food bank meat, but I will work with all the processors.

If you can pay for the processing, I can get you a receipt for taxes. If you can't pay for the processing, that's OK too.

Don't live near me? No problem. Hunters for the Hungry is where you are.


When you donate money to the food bank it goes MUCH farther than the cans of food you buy at the store.

Here's how.

Food banks buy food from regional distribution centers.

In SOWEGA, it is Second Harvest of SOWEGA. We buy food for 19¢ a pound. All kinds of food.

We can buy steak, ground meat, bread, canned food, fresh produce, frozen food, snacks and more for 19¢ a pound.

Your $1 contribution buys 5 pounds of food.

When you spend $1 at the grocery store for the food bank - and we love you for it - you get a lot less than we can at the distribution center.


Food banks can use your time too. Can you make deliveries? Sometimes the people we help do not have transportation. Can you take food to them? You might have to do this once a month or less. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly when you will be needed for transportation. Can you help?


This is sad. Hunger never ends. The people who you are so awesomely helping during the holidays need food during the rest of the year too. Your contributions are needed all year long.

If you can contribute during the year - food or money - it is appreciated.


In my community, we have BackPack Buddies. Your community has one too. Just google BackPack Buddies and your community.

BackPack Buddies can use you. Someone needs to pick up the food from the distribution center and get it to the assembly area. Someone needs to help pack the food into the backpacks.

BackPack Buddies sends food home with elementary school children, enough for the weekend. The children are told to hide the food. Believe it or not, some parents will steal food from their children. The kids bring the backpack to school on Monday. It's refilled and sent home again Friday.

If a smaller child is also in the home, the backpack can hold enough food for the other child as well.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

No help forthcoming

Today I will mail 20+ sheets of paper, some with words printed in languages other than English, some which are partly filled out forms and a good bit of which I have already mailed.

This round is going to the Obamacare headquarters which believes I have not filed the appropriate paperwork telling the government what the government already knows because I filed the appropriate paperwork.

Once again some of these forms request information that I:

• Do not know where to get

• Do not understand

• Do not know why the government must have this information from me because it already has this information from me.

Confused? Me too.

Among the requested paperwork being sent this time is an appeal form. Filled this out as best I can.

Every time I have to send in paperwork, I make copies of everything they sent. I make copies of everything I previously sent and everything they previously sent. Times like this make me glad to be a tree farmer.

Yet to get a straight answer.


One of the things repeated in several places in these letters from various federal agencies is a toll-free number to call to get help.

I have called. I have stayed on hold until the phone disconnected. I have yet to speak with a live person.

Call the state help line? Same thing.


I periodically get information from Blue Cross & Blue Shield, the insurance company. Some of it is as comprehensible as the information from Obamacare & the IRS. Some of it is in plain, simple English which I can understand.

BCBS also has a toll free number, but the wait time is interminable. I send them a letter. They do what's needed and it is settled.


In case you don't wonder, I sometimes work as an investigative reporter. I write high finance articles and I write about tax laws around the nation. I am skilled at wading through bureaucratic bullshit on paper. And yet, this stuff mystifies me.


I do not intend to wait on hold until a live person comes on the line. Letters from the IRS and Obamacare all request a phone number so someone can call me. I have yet to receive a call.

I may start billing these agencies for my time.


One thing I have noticed is they like paper. The more the better. At the rate things are going, I will be mailing entire reams of paper this time next year. Someone in Washington is going to die of a joyous heart attack from this.


When Obamacare was announced, the then Liar-in-Chief said this would reduce federal spending. Anyone but me remember that? Depending on whom you talk to, the government is spending less on healthcare for citizens, but how, where and why is never explained. The numbers are just pulled out the air apparently.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Fear this

BEHOLD! The most nightmarish weapon ever created. The AR15 with a tactical Bernie Sanders Mount  ©@®.

Fear me!

Let me show you its features.

30,000 round detachable Clip/Mag capable of spewing death at distances to 15 miles and that is when the clip/mag is just sitting on a table not connected to the rifle. Imagine what it can do when attached to the rifle at any point on the firearm!

Collapsible bump/sliding/6-position stock making this killing machine foldable so it can be hidden in a toddler's pants pocket.

Industrial/Military/Espionage grade laser/infravision/xray scope capable of seeing through three feet of solid lead. Also shoots death beams.

Forward picatinny rail system for mounting external hardware: a full dinette set so you can immediately eat whatever you shoot, flashlights to blind the opposition into submission, smartphone-video camera so you can record your shots, Camelback water pack for hydration, cigarette lighter, 12 volt solar-powered charging station, specially engraved 2nd Amendment plaque, diaper changing station for those days when you take the little ones to the range for early training, 4-way lug wrench and floor jack, tuxedo storage and ironing press for formal shooting events, lasers, MP3 player, NRA card holder, bacon frying rack and more.

Please note: Pic rails required for the Bernie Sanders mount.

Scary triangle-looking thing over the barrel.

Mysterious barrel attachment that reduces the sound of the gun to negative volumes. Yes. This gun actually absorbs the sounds of screaming.

Evil black coating the same color as Darth Vader's outfit.

Three-position pistol grip allowing the shooter to use 1, 2, 3 or all 4 fingers on the trigger, enabling this rifle to fire faster than full automatic.

Three-position mag/clip grip allowing shooter to mount as many as four mag/clips at the same time allowing the shooter to fire as many as four rounds simultaneously.

Forward assist allowing shooter to chamber multiple rounds at the same time.

EXCLUSIVE - Bernie Sanders Mount ©@® attachment.

Simply clip the patent-pending Bernie Sanders Mount ©@® to the bottom pic rail. Fire the Bernie Sanders at the target and watch him leave a trail campaign promises that even a blind hunter could follow. Watch the shock and awe impact on your target as the Bernie Sanders splatters everywhere creating what appears to be enormous damage, but on closer inspection turns out to be easily wiped off with emails and high-level conferences.

The Bernie Sanders Mount ©@® attachment's greatest benefit is the sheer confusion is sows. Even the most ardent gun haters are thrown into a tizzy upon seeing a blustering Bernie Sanders fired at them from this non-assault assault rifle.

Coming soon, the Donald Trump Mount ©@® as soon as we figure out how to keep it from exploding just because it is touched.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hippo crisis - a rant in two parts

A running list of hypocrisies which cause my blood pressure to rise. These are from all sides of the political spectrum and are listed in no particular order.

I'm here to serve the people. I need a raise.

A business should be required to serve whoever walks in the door.  Regulations on the sale of guns, alcohol, tobacco, medicine, gasoline, rental cars, airplane seats, ammunition, radioactive materials, porn, financial loans, fertilizer, age limits for social media accounts, casinos, shipping some things, public nudity, movies and so much more.

Free speech. A photographer must take pictures of anyone who asks.

Abortion should be illegal. Once the baby is born, cut funding to help the momma care for the infant.

Abortion should be legal. Abstinence education is a waste of money.

The death penalty is not a deterrent and should be abolished. Do more to stop violent crime in this nation.

Capitalism is evil. Said message is posted to the Internet with a smartphone.

Socialism is evil. Said message is posted to the Internet while on a public road.

A college degree is too expensive. The average trade school degree costs $33,000, which, compared to a $127,000 bachelor's degree...

College should be free. Colleges have utility bills, insurance, maintenance, faculty and staff salaries that must be paid.

Tax cuts have to be funded. Spending has to be funded. 

We need to raise taxes. We are spending entirely too much.

Anarchy is the best way to live. Somalia is not anarchy, but is a failed state. (Yeah, I don't get that either.)

The solution is more government. Government is out of control and run by the wealthy for the wealthy.

We need term limits for elected officials. Votes for the same person time and time again.

The media cannot be trusted. Said reports are published by the media.

Tolerance. Except for people who are on the opposite side.

Guns should be as difficult to obtain and use as a vehicle. Guns are far, far harder to obtain and use than a vehicle.

Ban hunting. Do something about the coyotes eating pets in the city and wild hogs.

The hogs are destroying my crops. Not going to let anyone on my property to hunt the hogs.

The right/left/center/nutjobs are a bunch of hypocrites. The right/left/center/nutjobs are a bunch of hypocrites.

Too much regulation is killing. We need more regulation.

Selecting the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

10mm carbine! WOOHOO!

Hi-Point is coming out with a 10mm carbine! YES!

If you are one of the Hi-Point haters, go away. Now.

If you are a Hi-Point fan, rejoice with me.

If you are not sure about Hi-Point, lemme slap some salient information on you.

I've owned, and sold at a profit, several Hi-Points. The last one I had and sold had a broke spring mechanism in the mag release. No telling how many people owned it before I got it. Anyway, the owner after me contacted Hi-Point.

The company repaired the gun at charge.

Show me another gun company that will do the same. You can't.

My first, and every HP I've owned since then, functioned without issue (excepting the broke mag spring). I took my first one to the range and ran a box of .45 ACP without issue. Straight from the box. Never had a misfire. Ever.

And the .45 ACP was, at the time $150 when a 1911 was running $500 and up.


The Hi-Points are big. Bulky. And, frankly, butt-ugly. These are not firearms for people with small hands or people who want gun safe queens. These are firearms for people who use their guns, demand function over appearance and don't care what other people say.

They work. Reliably. All the time. Experts who shoot 'em say the Hi-Point delivers every time.

As Joe Saxon said, you point it, pull the trigger and it goes bang. What more do you want?

How can the company sell so cheap and yet provide a gun that does all this? Other gun companies greatly over-price their products.

With an MSRP of $325-$379, the Hi-Point carbine should be available for under $300, I'm thinking $275.

Can you say TRUCK GUN? I knew you could.

The 10mm is enough bullet to stop dead anything that lives in South Georgia even when shot from a 6-inch handgun barrel. Coming out of a carbine, this is will rock.

Even better. Since it's a 10mm, I suspect we'll be able to shoot 40 caliber from it. May need to replace a spring or two to account for the lower recoil of the .40. Most people, I find, do not know that the 10mm and .40 S&W are the same diameter. The 10mm is just a longer case. Think .38 S&W, .38 Special, .357 Mag and .357 Max. Get a gun capable of shooting the .357 Max and you can shoot all four of the rounds I list here.



The Hi-Point promise - Damage, age, and plain old wear and tear – these things happen. When they do, Hi-Point customers enjoy a lifetime, no questions asked warranty. And lifetime means just that – free repairs for the life of the gun, whether you are the first owner, or the third.
Hi-Point service is fast, friendly and expertly performed. Your firearm will be back in action and good as new, in no time.

Monday, October 2, 2017

One more thing I don't understand

Amongst the gnus today is an announcement that Facebook is handing over the ads that were supposedly bought by Russia.

Ehum, so?

Lots of people, from the Liar in Chief on down are claiming Russia tried to influence the US elections.

Ehum, so?

Many of these people are saying that is illegal.

No. It is not. In fact, it is specifically and Constitutionally and Supreme Court decision-affirmed legal to try to influence an election through media outlets.

S'called the First Amendment.



However, Mark Zuckerberg is a US citizen and is protected by the 1st Amendment and so is his business. He has every right to sell ads that appear on his business to Russians. To Irainians. To the Taliban.

Just 'cause you don't like it does not mean it is illegal. (Whew).

Russia's efforts to plant "fake news?" Completely legal. Russia's stories originated in Russia, and quite often were posted to social media from within Russia and other nations. US law, despite what liarberals and cantservatives believe, does not apply in other countries.

Russia's efforts to steer discussions on topics germane to the election, completely legal.

You ain't gotta like it.

So far no one has shown where Russia tried to buy votes. That is illegal. So far we have reports that Russia might have tried to have elections computers. That is illegal, but if the attacks (even happened) and originated on Russian soil, good luck bringing that one to court.

I have not seen proof of the hacking attacks so I remain dubious.


Besides which, the US government has been doing the same thing all over the world.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear you. Liarberal outlets and slanted agendas. Cantservatives don't do that.

Cantservatives don't just influence. They send in guns, ammo, bombs and material support to the opposition.

So if you are one who is foaming at the mouth over Russia's attempts to influence the elections, please stay away from me. I shoot things that foam at the mouth unless a toothbrush handle is poking out somewhere.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The most important thing

Allow me a moment and a moment only to discuss politics.

For a politician, nothing is as important as getting re-elected.

First a qualifier. I have met with, interviewed, watched, argued with and watched in horror as "something" happened in politicians ranging from Senator Harry Reid from Nevada (yes, I know him personally) down to City Council members of cities with fewer than 200 voters.

"Something" happened when these people took their oath of office.

"Something" turned what used to be a very good person into a power-mad oligarch intent on keeping office.

Of the hundreds of politicians I have met, I'm saying less than 10 did what was right and being re-elected be damned.

That is appalling to me.

Of, say 300 people, less than 10 people who took office were more concerned about doing what was right as opposed to doing what was necessary to get re-elected. More than 290 people were more interested in being re-elected than in doing what was right.

Appalled yet?

Someone is going to ask who these 10 or so people are? Are any from Turner County, where I presently live?

Less than 3.

The rest? It's more important to be re-elected than to do what is right. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Annnd, I'm done.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Full bore tac

Remington 870 with mag extension. Yes, pix is rotated 90° clockwise.

For many years (How many? A lot) I've wanted a shotgun with a mag extension that will allow me to carry as many as 10 rounds of 2&3/4 buckshot in the gun.

When I first wanted this kind of shotgun, I was still a teenager, invincible and capable of bending I-beams with the power of my mind, able to carry a pair of elephants on my back through the desert with nothing more than a 48'er of malt liquor to sustain me. I reasoned the extra ammo would allow me to kill every dove in the flock that soared overhead (never mind I could not and still cannot hit these rocket-propelled kevlar-vest coated speed demons) and lay waste to entire herds of deer as the dogs chased them past me in Stewart County. In short, I aspired to be an alcohol-fueled cross between Jerry Miculek and the 1970 Russian female weightlifting team.

Fast forward into middle age and I acquire an 870 with synthetic furniture. I studyify the gun and decide now is the time to get the tactical assault shotgun I always wanted.

Here is how it went:

Item 1 - Synthetics to make it as weather-proof as possible. Already installed.

Item 2 - Sling attachments. Order four from eBay, 'cause two can also go on the 1100 if needed. One sling attachment on the stock. One for the mag extension connection point. Two that double as mag clamps for the barrel.

Item 3 - Mag extension. Order from eBay. Discover the extension comes with one clamp, so cancel order for second clamp. Realize that order is already placed. No worries. Two mag clamps have got to be better than one.

Parts arrive. Set about installing and discover that, dammitall yes, the mag tube indents are still in place. Post a request on FB to borrow a Dremel as mine is burned out. Lots of offers and one actual delivery of a Dremel with a complete case full of tools.

Disassemble shotgun. Various parts fall out and go everywhere. Decide most of them are now irrelevant and forget about them.

Grind out indents in mag tube. Clean mag tube. Make sure everything can slide through, including the shell follower which, SURPRISE!, is one of the bouncing parts that must be put back into the gun.

Re assemble shotgun.

Realize the slotted sling holder is still sitting on desk. Take apart and place sling holder on backward. Take apart again. Install sling holder correctly.

Verify shotgun will accept ammunition.

Remember, BEFORE TEST SHOT, that test firing a shotgun in the office is not a good idea.

Admire shotgun. Take pix for this column. Believe I am 17 again. Ponder other accessories (not installed) such as a collapsible stock with pistol grip, tac rails to hold lights, laser, scope with green light for night hunting atop the scope, ammo holders, drink holder, War Hammer heat guard & pic rail combo, vertical slide grip, door breecher choke and MP3 player to play the predator calls to draw yotes in really close.

Gun porn. Just like human porn. Complete fantasy and totally unrealistic.
Shoulder shotgun as seen in top picture with 4 rounds of buck in the mag tube. Watch in horror as the front end slowly sinks to the floor and I am incapable of stopping this from happening.

Realize I am 50, out of shape and never get invited to dove hunts anyway. Decide to add a sling so I can actually carry the gun to and from the truck on the rare occasions I want to do some weight lifting at the gun range.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Colin Who?

Blog by request.

Full disclosure, I do not care about professional sports. I had to do more research than usual to find out what this controversy is and why and who and what and so on.

In the words of a bud, "Yet, a whole ‘nother set of Americans are pretty much indifferent. Some of us support his stance (if it is sincere…and who knows). Some of us couldn’t care less….because it doesn’t immediately impact us. Some of us hear/see the word football, and everything after that turns into white noise."

So I will cancel the white noise generator and pretend to care.

Colin Kaepernick is a professional football player. He chose to kneel during the National Anthem in an apparent protest. Not long after his NFL contract ran out (get it, football player? Ran out? Work with me here), he became a persona non gratis. His protest led others to emulate his actions.

Vilified, excoriated, attacked, slandered, libeled and in general rejected by so many people, despite having done nothing to harm them.

Colin also has plenty of supporters. I just wonder if they are supporting him for the right reasons.

I support his right to try to make a living playing football.


Do I support his protest? Ehhhhh.

He said kneeling instead of standing is a protest. He has right to call his action what he wishes. I read where he called it a protest. Much of the planet is calling it a protest.

What did he do? He knelt during the national anthem. According to what I read, Colin is also a Christian. The dood has Psalm 18:39 tatt'ed on his arm. And you thought Tebow (?) was cool for putting verse numbers on his eye patches. Here's a quote from Colin, "God has brought me this far. He has laid out a phenomenal path for me. And I can't do anything but thank Him."



Football players take a knee when a player is injured on the field.

I think people are missing something. He. Knelt. If Colin is the Christian that my readings show him to be, kneeling was not an accident.

To me, that's a pretty awesome display of respect. Those with a religious faith will kneel when they go to their god in prayer. Christians definitely do.

But he said it was a protest, not a show of respect.

If it was respect, I want to believe he was showing that respect to the people who have suffered, those killed, tortured, summarily evicted and etc. But it was not respect. It was a protest. Please tell Aretha Franklin she'll have to wait a few more minutes before singing R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Kneeling is also a way to show sorrow. To ask forgiveness. To seek redemption. To petition. To go before the Great Maker and plead a case. To seek assistance. To plead a case. You can do all that for yourself, or on behalf of someone else.

He said it was a protest.


So do I support his protest?

His right to stand, kneel, sit, dance, sing another song, hula-hoop, work on a car engine, fry fish and so on (and if he can do all that at once, whoa) during the National Anthem is his right. Period. Ain't none of your business and ain't none of mine. It's his business.

Forcing someone to do anything during the National Anthem is flat wrong. Smacks of slavery or at least a dictatorship.

Dood was doing something to bring attention to a matter that is important to him. He harmed no one.

Good'un onya CK.


The protest apparently cost him his job as a football player.

Up front, I have a LOT of problems with the NFL, all of which are directly related to taxpayer subsidies of this sport. Tax dollars have no business building giant stadiums for professional sports teams or supporting those teams.

If the NFL were truly a private organization, then the team owners should have the right to hire and fire whom they please. Since the NFL is so intertwined with tax dollars, I'm having real problems parsing this one out.


This is about money. Principles get left at the locker room door. NFL players do not belong to themselves. Their contracts set forth standards of behavior. Violate and they get fined or worse.

Don't like the contract terms? Don't sign the contract. However...

On one hand, the team owners should be able to pick players they think will generate wins.

On the other hand, if taxpayer dollars are involved, we need some leveling going on here.

(Excuse me a sec, I need to get Kali).

On the other hand, professional football is brutal, ritualized violence. Most people cannot do it.

On the other hand, if he is good and can deliver the wins, rational thinking says the man should have a contract.

On the other hand, if he is so disliked, having him on the team could cost money from reduced ticket sales.

On the other hand, Hodges' Rule of Thumb says do not expect rational behavior from beings with opposable thumbs.


This comes down to something I said years ago. The first person to attempt to blaze a trail is also the first person to get eaten by bears. If Colin is not eaten, he's certainly badly mauled.

Trails must be cut through the wilderness to get to the other side. If that wilderness needs to be tamed, then some very good people are going to become bear poop before it is whipped into shape.

As I see it, Colin is protesting because the world is not fair. He wants it to be fair. That bothers people.

I'm for being fair. I think we need more people like Colin Kaepernick. Unfortunately, few of us have the financial resources he does to take such a stand.

Colin's protest has nothing to do with how well or how badly he does his job. In a fair world, his protest would be irrelevant to NFL team owners. He would be considered solely on his ability to play the sport of football. The world ain't fair. Very few people want it to be fair. I'll wager most of the readers of these words are not interested in a fair world; I speak from decades of observing humans.


In one very important respect, what Colin is doing is old news. People started standing up for what they believe before recorded history. Our history books are the stories of people who stood up for what they believed in. Colin is only getting attention because he is a celebrity.

People all around the world are doing the exact same thing, but are ignored, except by the people who feel affected. Feel affected. Whether or not they are affected is a different matter.

Some of these people, who are taking a stand, won't live to see the sun set today. This too is old news.

The good ones, in my opinion, are those who fought for the right for you to suffer the consequences of your own actions. (And a lot of people are gonna misinterpret that statement. Just so yer clear, I'm responsible for what I write, not what you think I wrote.)

In that regard, Colin K. falls into the good ones category. He's not trying to impose his will on others. He merely wants to bring attention to past injustice in hopes of preventing the same in the future.

Depending on which side of the belief-under-examination you fall, the stand can be for evil or good. Mao Tse Tung, Iosef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, John Brown, Paul, Guru Arjan are just a few who either killed or were killed for what they believed. Pick a name. Someone will call that person evil. Someone will call that person a hero.

Many people die for their beliefs. That list is many millions of people long.

Some people killed for their beliefs. A short list of people responsible for killing for a belief structure includes Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher. The full list of people willing to kill for a belief reaches into the millions billions. If you have ever cheered the misfortune of another human being, your name goes on this list.

There is no practical difference between celebrating harm to another and causing harm to another. The difference between creating harm and ending a life is just a matter of how deep the knife goes.

Only a few are willing to take the harm and pain for their beliefs. Colin K is one. More power to him.

As it turns out, I do care ... just not about football. I care about and support the message Colin is trying to spread.

Allow me to rephrase as I close: The full list of people willing to kill for a belief reaches into the billions. If you have ever cheered the misfortune of another human being, your name goes on this list.

Like it or not, that's reality and truth. If the truth hurts, yer living wrong.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Equal treatment of unequal individuals is the height of injustice

Me bud Doc posted this bullet point meme. I replied in thread, but I think the replies are truncated and deserve more exegesis.

1 - Read The Bladerunner by Alan E. Nourse. This is not the movie. This is a dystopian SF novel with universal health care as the plot device. It proves the adage, a government big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take everything you have away.

2 - Willing to reluctantly concede this one.

3 - Utter tripe.

People with enough money to get the best possible health care will continue to do so. They will go where they want, when they want and get what they want. It is impossible, under a single-payer system, to provide anything remotely resembling uniform benefits. People with the money go to 3-4 cancer treatment centers, sometimes a thousand miles away. Why? They provide the absolute best outcomes.

A single payer system is not going to ship a single mother of 5 on public assistance to Houston, Texas, for treatment for cancer.

4 - This implies people will take more responsibility for their own health. As long as we have food deserts, this ain't gonna happen. As long as people are allowed to chose SuperSize v. a salad, this ain't going to happen.

5 - Yes. From the docs who chose to participate. See No. 1 above.

If you force all medical providers to participate, you have immediately restored slavery to the United States.

6 - Well, yes. But it is exchanged for government interference with care.

Do your homework. Read this report -

7 - This is, simply, delusional. When the US Post Office is paying $1,500 a month for a building in a residential neighborhood that would rent for maybe $400 as a home (and this is common within the USPS), no. This is but one of many thousands of examples.
Especially this one -

8 - Show me any government program that saves money v. the private sector doing it. I will show you two examples of government-run programs that cost more.

9 - There is nothing so unjust as equal treatment of unequal individuals.

This proposes to pay the same amount for the same procedure in the middle of New York City as in Eutaw, S.C. as in Kotzebue, Alaska. Check the cost of living in all three places. Equal pay? This proposal will make medical care providers even more wealthy or greatly reduce their pay. Some will be about even.

10 - If you truly and honestly believe public ownership and public oversight is a good thing, you are henceforth barred from ever criticizing any elected official from the president on down.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Worms, bulldozers and economics

Let's open a can of worms and serve annelid sammiches all around.

How many believe the law-mandated minimum wage is wrong?

How many believe employers should pay whatever they think is appropriate?

Aight, now the real question - how many of you believe employers should subsidize pay for substandard employees?

Ah so. That is not a hypothetical question, or as Hawgin' likes to say "Great. Baker is making stuff up again."


Anyone see a problem here?

If this proposal passes, it is going to eliminate jobs for the handicapped. Poof. Gone. Is not like there are a lot of jobs for handicapped folks anyway.

Employers will not hire disabled folks because they will have to pay 'em the same as nondisabled people.

This goes deeper than what you are thinking right now. Maybe. Possibly not. You may be ahead of me. Let's see.


If you've read this blog with any regularity, you know my take on employee pay. If you don't know my take, go ye forth and be edified within this blog.

Lemme digress a second here to splain something. I grew up farming. Dad paid employees, and me, based on what we did. We got paid for productivity. The more we worked and produced, the more we made. In the 80s, we had one lady who worked for us who made more than $100 a day. We had some who barely made $20.

Is this fair?

More to the point, should employers be forced to subsidize the pay for handicapped employees?

Things like tax incentives and less than minimum wage mean people with disabilities can get jobs. They may not earn as much as other folks. But what if they can't produce as much as other folks? What if their production is 75 percent of the average nondisabled person's output?

How much should they be paid?

An employer hires a person with disabilities. The person does their absolute best. At minimum wage, the employer is losing money by keeping that person on staff. At less than minimum, the employer breaks even.

Which one is fair?


All in favor of a level playing field? What if that leveled playing field means running over you with a bulldozer?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is one of the most massive pieces of legislation the liberal left ever pushed onto the American people. It goes beyond Abominable Care. Bush I signed it into law.

The ADA puts an unbelievable burden on employers and businesses. Yes. It does. I've seen it. Some people in California have literally made a VERY good living just suing people under the federal ADA and the state version.

This is a case of using the whole fire department to extinguish a single candle.


Here's economics so people on the far left and far right can understand. Businesses have employees because the employees help the business make money. Employees who cannot produce get fired.

So, do handicapped people deserve to have a job?

I say certainly, if they can do the work. But that is a decision an employer must make.

If they can do the work, but not as well as a nonhandicapped person, then should they be paid less? Or, should the business be forced to subsidize the pay? Is it right to penalize the nonhandicapped employees against their wishes to support the handicapped employees?

If we're running this strictly on the economics I list just above, handicapped employees get fired. But when they get paid less because they produce less, employers are willing to step out and offer jobs.

Mandating identical pay is going to flat kill those jobs. That's fair to whom, exactly?


No doubt I'm gonna get someone whose left wing knickers are now in a Gordian knot. I'm going to be called all kinds of pejoratives.

Shuddup. You have no idea what you refer to. I do. The above situations? Handicapped person trying to get a job? I'm living it RIGHT NOW. So, shup until you have walked with me and understand my situation.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ain't none of mine and ain't none of yours

Lemme play lumberjack and ax you a question.
Does it affect you in a way that can be measured empirically?
No? Then it ain't none of your business then.
Yes? Then you get to have a say.


Doesn't matter what "it" is. Pick something. Your next door neighbors growing a marijuana plant for their own enjoyment. Your other neighbor lighting M80s at 3:30 a.m.
Don't care. You get to define the "it."
Really. I don't care what the "it" is.
Transgender people serving in the military. Same-gender marriage. Owning a gun and carrying it in public. Hunting. Fishing. Standing on a street corner and warning people of the impending Alpacalips. Abortion. Rock & roll music. Taxes.
Pick something? Got it in mind? Good. Hang on to that.


Now about that empirically part. Tangible. Can it be measured and quantified? Can you say it is affecting in you a material way? Does it affect you economically? Physically?
Can you prove it? Can you show me on paper how it affects you?

That M80 going off. You may be able to prove that is keeping you up at night causing you to lose sleep. That is a measurable matter. Loss of sleep can be quantified.


Can the effect be measured, laid down and shown to other people? Ok. Then is the effect voluntary? In other words, are you asking for the effect? Do you have to do something to be affected?
Your neighbors and their funky plant. Are you buying a rollup from them every now and then? Then, yes that affects you, but that is also a decision you made to be affected. 
Because you choose to be affected by giving them money in exchange for twisted basil, then what your neighbors do in their garden is none of your business.
Some things are tangible and you can choose to participate in some and you are forced to participate in others. If you get to choose, it is none of your business because you can walk away. If you are forced, then it is absolutely your business.
Taxes. Depends on the tax. Many communities have a hotel-motel tax that is higher than the local sales tax. Don't like the tax? Don't stay in a motel or a hotel. Gas tax? Do use a petroleum product-consuming vehicle. Diesel engines can run off used cooking oil. You can also walk. 
Income tax? You pay a tax simply because you have to work to provide for yourself. That's your business.
If you have a choice on whether or not to pay the tax, that tax levy is none of your business.
Standing on a street corner telling people they are going to whatever version of perdition may exist. Does this affect you? Possibly. It certainly can be annoying. But annoyance cannot be laid down and calculated. So, it is none of your business.
If the person is getting in your way, different matter. If the person is being so loud you cannot be heard over them, different matter. Both of these can be slapped down on the sidewalk, compared and proven in a tangible manner.
You volunteered to be affected. This is not the same as being affected against your will.


Lots of things are intangible. I'm racking my brain here and I cannot think of a single intangible thing that is your business.
Neighbor getting an abortion. How does this affect you? Do not hand me the claptrap that it is immoral. Morality cannot be placed on a yardstick and marked off incrementally. Do not tell me it is against God's law. God's law is not meant to be forced on people. Jesus did not demand. He requested. He certainly never demanded of government.
You getting an abortion? Absolutely 100 percent your business.
Things that:
Are annoying
Are disgusting
Are revolting
Are weird
Are offensive
are none of your business.
A person carrying a pistol in his pocket as he walks down the street? None of your business.
Two or more adults getting married to each other? None of your business.
Some guy going out and killing a lion in Africa? Unless you owned the lion, none of your business.
Your hurt feelings are your business and yours alone. Quit trying to make your inability to cope everyone else's problem.


If you are looking for the line on whether or not it is your business, I have given you the answer already. But to re-explain, does it:
• Come out of your wallet? If yes, it is your business. If no, none of your business.
• Does it have a physical impact on you? Yes? Your business. No? Not your business.


Lemme rip you an example from the headlines.
Transgender folks in the military. Are you serving alongside these people? No? Then none of your business. TG person wanting to get a sex change operation on the military's medical plan? Your business if you pay taxes that go toward the military budget. TG person wanting to pay for the sex change and take unpaid time off to recover? None of your business unless you are that person's commanding officer or you serve with that person.


So what do I think about all these things I've listed and more? You have my opinion.
If it takes money from my wallet against my will, it is my business. If it creates a physical impact to me, it is my business.
Just because I like or do not like something does not make it my business.
I detest dill and anything that has dill in it. Therefore, I do not eat food with dill in it. I do not try to stop other people from eating dill-infused products.
I have cut sugar from my diet. I read labels on food. If it has sugar, I do not buy or eat it. I do not try to ban sugar.
Don't try to tell me what to do, unless I am affecting you, and I won't tell you what to do unless you are affecting me.