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Monday, September 25, 2017

The most important thing

Allow me a moment and a moment only to discuss politics.

For a politician, nothing is as important as getting re-elected.

First a qualifier. I have met with, interviewed, watched, argued with and watched in horror as "something" happened in politicians ranging from Senator Harry Reid from Nevada (yes, I know him personally) down to City Council members of cities with fewer than 200 voters.

"Something" happened when these people took their oath of office.

"Something" turned what used to be a very good person into a power-mad oligarch intent on keeping office.

Of the hundreds of politicians I have met, I'm saying less than 10 did what was right and being re-elected be damned.

That is appalling to me.

Of, say 300 people, less than 10 people who took office were more concerned about doing what was right as opposed to doing what was necessary to get re-elected. More than 290 people were more interested in being re-elected than in doing what was right.

Appalled yet?

Someone is going to ask who these 10 or so people are? Are any from Turner County, where I presently live?

Less than 3.

The rest? It's more important to be re-elected than to do what is right. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Annnd, I'm done.

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