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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

In search of evil

TC posed this - Question of the day... Is profit evil?

What is profit? Profit, grossly defined is whatever is left after deducting all expenses. 

Under this definition, a good bookkeeper and business owner can make sure a business never makes a profit. Simply raise expenses until they exactly match the income and no profit.

Lemme insert a word before expenses - necessary.

Profit redefined is whatever is left after deducting all necessary expenses. 

Now we be getting' somewhere.


The question then becomes, what is necessary. Fortunately, we have that one pretty much nailed to the wall.

Necessary is what it takes to live. To live you need air, water, food and shelter. You can live a few minutes without air. Some critters can go pretty much indefinitely without air, but humans ain't that way.

You can go 3-4 days without water. Unless you are these guys.

Depending on the particular person, living without food is possible anywhere from a few days to a month

About shelter. This is environmentally and geographically specific. People living in the tropic zones just need something to keep the rain off sometimes. Clothes are not needed in a lot of cases. The further north or south people live, the more protection they need from the environment. Get into the polar regions and heavy clothing and substantial shelter is necessary.


With the necessities covered, then anything else by definition must be profit.

For people living in tropical zones, profit can be shoes. Literally. Do people living in tropical zones really need shoes? For most of the history of humanity, they have lived without shoes.

No matter where a person lives in the world, a cell phone is profit. Humanity existed without this technology until the 1980s. Many people still live without one.


If profit is anything exceeding the basic necessities, then certainly more than 95 percent of the people living in industrialized nations (whether under socialism, communism, capitalism or a combination) experience and have profit.

Those people who scream "profit is evil" have a closet full of clothes, multiple sets of shoes, live in a dwelling that far exceeds their needs, have discretionary income, etc etc etc. They make a profit.

But being a hypocrite is part of the human condition.


Which brings us to the last word, Evil. What is evil? At the risk of someone shouting "GODWIN'S LAW" at me, I tell you Adolf Hitler did not believe he was an evil man or what he was doing through the Holocaust was evil. (If you do not believe the Holocaust happened, never, ever make any effort to communicate with me.) Those behind the Russian pogroms did not believe they were evil. 

Here's a fast definition of evil - That which is opposed to the interests of the person defining evil.

Simple. Direct. Accurate.


Back to the central question. Is profit evil? It certainly can be, depending on who is doing the defining.

Generally, those who define profit as evil are looking at what someone else has and get jealous. They stare down at their smartphones, post angry Tweets and invective on Facebook.

Profit much?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

More cooperation, please

Consider this a heartfelt request for more cooperation from all'a y'all.

I need help. If you will simply do a bit more on your part – I'm doing the bulk of the heavy lifting here anyway – things will go a lot smoother.

Here's what I need you to do.

Follow the script.

You cannot imagine how many hours I spend (not many because I have far more important things to ponder, like what color my hair should be next week) thinking and planning these massive arguments I get into with all'a y'all.

I plan these debates out. Point. By. Point.

On every topic, I come up with a list (one) of discussion points. I carefully (not really) plan out my side of the discussion.

Then, and this is where the problem comes up, I plan out YOUR side of this roundtable (sometimes). All you have to do is follow the script. Some improvising is OK, certainly. Don't wanna cramp your style. But you MUST stick the general outline.

I've provided a handy list for y'all to follow.

• Stop bringing up extraneous points.

• Do not deviate from the outline by changing the crux of each of your replies which I have thoughtfully and painstakingly prepared.

• No insults.

• No whining.

It is entirely fine and expected that you do disagree with me. I can even handle ending the discussion with you still disagreeing with me, even though you are wrong. This should be rare.

For my sanity, you must stick to the course and stop interjecting things I have not planned.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this. I look forward to having all of you agree with me more often.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Unknown waters

Had two things hit recently that are leaving me in unknown waters.

Not exactly lost. The distant coastline hovers as a mirage above the water. I hope.

Definitely not floundering. The ship is solid and we will get there. But in the meantime, great care must be taken when navigating through this.

So, to de-obfuscate-

A while back I wrote stories about, one of the commercial DNA sites. In exchange, the company ran my DNA. To my great surprise, my recent ancestry is exclusively west European. The Irish and the German I knew. Grandma Morgan was from Austria. Her ex-husband and my maternal grandfather also German, but an early arrival. That side of the family got here in time for the Revolutionary War. Grandma and Grandpa were of recent Irish stock.

Ennyhoo, I agreed to let Ancestry use the results to match up potential relatives.

If the website is right and this is not a scammer, I have a formerly unknown first cousin in Wisconsin. The lady said she was put up for adoption through the Catholic church. At the time, I had a relative living up there. Said relative has quite a list of arrests for scammer type crimes.

When Mom asked said relative about that time in Wisconsin and whether or not said relative had a child, the subject got changed in a hurry.

Been emailing back and forth with this lady through the Ancestry website. She is now quite irate because I will not give her contact info for her possible parent.

I do not share anyone's personal information with that person's explicit permission.

UPDATE - This woman, who definitely is a first cousin confirmed if she's not lying, went off on me and insulted me and this side of her entire family because I would not share information. So be it.

Ah so.


A friend called. Wants me to preach the dad's funeral. The dad and I met once, about an hour or more, and talked once or twice more.

This left me floundering. How can I bring comfort to the family? How can I give this man the send-off he truly deserves? What if I really make a mess of this?

I turned to two people whom I trust implicitly for advice. I asked what I should do under the circumstances.

They delivered. Fully armed with The Word and advice, I'm ready.

UPDATE - Was the service perfect? Nope. Was it well received? Family members said it was the best funeral they ever heard.


Depending on whom you speak with, we get one ride on this merry go round OR we get a ride here and then maybe have to go to one of the crappier rides for a while or get bounced up to the ultimate ride.

Regardless of that, we're here. Do what you can to make this a better place while yer here.

If you are doing this right, you will make plenty of mistakes. That is not a contradiction nor an oxymoron. To repeat, to get things right, you've got to screw up.

If you never make a mistake, you are not doing anything.

So, go forward. Make mistakes. Screw up. You have my permission, not that you need it, to walk through this life with disasters behind you.

That's the key - Behind You.

Learn, adapt, be better.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Amongst the other things I do, going to prison is a regular event. (I never get tired of that!)

I visit the state lockup in my community regularly for church services. The State of Georgia decided I'm good enough to be a state-certified prison minister. Going and seeing those guys really gives me a boost.

For more'n a year now as I walk in through the double gates, concertina wire overhead, a flock of small birds bounces from coiled wire to coiled wire chittering happily. On a recent visit, I noticed a nest in a corner on a post.


This just now, as I wrote that above, occurred to me. The nest is in the inner fence. The birds roost in the inner fence in the coils of concertina wire. None of them roost on the outside. They also get inside the coils at the top of the fence, settling in at least one layer deep. 


Getting to these birds is certainly not impossible. They get in there. Climbing the chain link fence and slipping across the wires is no problem for the No Shoulders (snakes) that are abundant in the woods a little over 100 yards away. Rats could easily run up and down.

Falcons, hawks and owls, now there's another matter. A screech owl probably could get in through the coils, but that night predator would be going after prey only a bit smaller than himself. Probably not going to happen.

But the birds would have that same protection on the outer perimeter.

The birds also congregate at the gates. The concertina wire is thickest there. So not a great surprise. Yet they still go to the inner gate.



These birds willingly enter a place where most humans want to leave. They seek the security of an artificial briar patch.

You can make all kinds of analogies about prison walls and bars are no barrier to a free mind. The simple fact is, few men who leave that place as a former "detainee" ever want to go back to spend more time as a ward of the state in the Iron Bar Hotel.  Sadly, many will make life choices that will send them back. In a sense, they do want to go back, I guess.

These birds not only enter there, but make it a home, a permanent dwelling. Yes, I have seen a dead bird at the foot of the fence.

They seek safety and find it. They can also leave anytime they wish which makes a major difference. If they were trapped, once freed, they would never go back. A trapped animal learns to avoid the same situation in the future. These birds do not see the trap because for them, it does not exist.


As I pass through the gates when it is light outside, the birds are chirping and chittering. I speak to them. Why? I just do.

Heading out, the sun is down and they sleep. By now they are accustomed to the SLAM! of the two gates closing so they do not budge. In the beginning, the gates WHAMMED! shut and they were all a-twitter. They have learned it's nothing to be concerned about. I leave them to sleep as I exit.

Each time as I pass, I say to myself "There's a message here. A lesson. There is something important going on here."

Each time I pass, whatever it is dances just beyond the reach of this thing I call a mind. It is there, like a deer on the edge of the field just at twilight, or is that a tree and a shadow. 

Regardless, it is something, whether or not I can make it out clearly.

Perhaps that is the message. Perhaps that is the lesson. Maybe it is something to be studied, marveled and wondered and yet never fully understood.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Atlas don't live here

In one of the Classical Mythologies, Atlas carried the world on his shoulders. In Discworld, A'Tuin supports four elephants that support the spinning disc that is the world. (Never mind the friction burns).

A few days agone, I felt like I was toting all of those at once. Yeah. It happens this time of year every year for the past 23 years. (Fire Ant Festival if you hafta know). But this year, lots of added burdens - ask and I shall not tell you.

Anyway, called out, yet again, to help I looked at the 30-minute drive ahead of me. I thought about the situation du minute. I started rolling the expected conversation through my head. The more I thought, the madder I got.

Ever been there? Start thinking and you just get madder by the minute?


On the drive, I came to an intersection. A funeral procession was turning, tying up the intersection. They turned right, I was headed straight. I could have zipped across without interrupting them,

Being raised the right way, I waited until everyone went through the intersection before I crossed.

Suddenly, I was not mad anymore. Seeing those cars with their lights on, following a hearse to a cemetery ... perspective.

The mortal remains of whoever was in that coffin...

They don't have to worry about new tires, mortgage payments, what is for dinner, keeping appointments and so on. Everyone who relied on that person, they cannot anymore. They have to make their own way now or find someone else to lean on.


Until and if I'm taken to the last piece of real estate I'll ever need, I'm still here. More or less ambulatory (depending on this bum knee) and capable of doing stuff. Can't do as much as I used to, but I know more than I used to.

As I sit writing this (ignoring other work that pays a LOT more; made 13¢ this month through my blogs here), I am reminded of people I know and knew. Too many left this realm of existence far too early for my taste. Too many left behind people who needed 'em. I needed them.

I still need some of 'em. But they are not here so I have to manage as I can.

Of those who are not here and are still here, some won the battles. Some lost.

In the meantime, I'm still here. I will do what I can.

In the meantime, people count on me. I'll be there for 'em, as I can. More to the point, I'll be there for 'em if they let me. That's critical and if you don't get it, I'm not gonna explain any further.


David Lee Roth once said, "Don't sweat the little shit. It's all little shit." He is right.

If you don't believe that, visit Emory Children's Hospital one day. Visit the kids fighting cancers that will eventually kill them despite the world's best medical treatment and the most impassioned prayers you can imagine.

It may seem a crushing burden now. Put it in perspective.

It's little shit.


I am burdened. No doubt. But so far I have a 100 percent success rate in shouldering these things.

Whatever does not kill me, makes me stronger.

— wow. That was an impressive burp even for me. It's a LandShark night. —

Where was I? Right. Getting stronger.

I will bear up under this. I will be the person others can lean on.

Because it won't be long until I need someone to lean on, and they will be there for me.

Yeah. Atlas don't live here. He took the burden alone. Me? I gots friends. I gots peeps who I can lean on because they want to be there for me. So many of 'em.

Right now, for some of them, it is their turn to do some leaning.

So, if you need to lean on me. We'll get through this.

Friday, March 2, 2018

The problem is guns II

I swear I thought I was done with this. My apologies for misinforming you. Maybe this is it.

This is Part II. Read part one here - .

So, guns are the problem. But where is gun violence an issue? Fortunately, we have some fairly reliable information about this. We have some pretty good numbers showing clearly what the problem is. More importantly, we have solid facts, empirical evidence, telling us WHERE this problem exists.

Before I 'splain that, I tell you this. Some people have tried to address this situation. They get shouted down. They get shoved aside. They are insulted, denigrated, attacked and most disheartening to me, ignored.

I ain't talking about conspiracy theory fans either. (If you are a conspiracy theory fan, then please go away.)

Jesse Jackson in his famous "cut his nuts out" comment was attacking a former POTUS for perceived failures to address problems facing a segment of the national community. He decried the POTUS' response to growing violence in that segment of the community. Y'don't hear about that much. You just hear the emasculation comment, not the reason for it.


So, let's lay bare the barest possible facts. Let others interpret, spin, explain, whine and complain as they will. Cry HAVOC! and let loose the dogs of war. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

Then turn loose the spirit of UK Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and say "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."


So what about those statistics?

Numbers, as I am about to present, are racist. Well, racist according to the people who cannot dispute facts and have to turn to invective and rhetoric.

So, as much as I DESPISE this word, I have to use it. I hate the word because dividing people into groups based on melanin content is sheer stupidity of the highest magnitude. We are people. Humans. Homo Sapiens. Period. However, some people will only understand things when broken down into moronic categories. So, on with the moronics.

US population:

Black or African American alone, percent, July 1, 2016,  13.3%

American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent, July 1, 2016,  1.3%

Asian alone, percent, July 1, 2016,  5.7%

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent, July 1, 2016,  0.2%

Two or More Races, percent, July 1, 2016,  2.6%

Hispanic or Latino, percent, July 1, 2016, 17.8%

White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent, July 1, 2016, 61.3%

Got you some numbers? Good. 


So let's look at another set of numbers and facts and see how murder is racist.

I tried to put these into a table that would come out here. I can't. Numbers make my head parts hurt.

You look at the page -

Fair warning. FBI stats are routinely under fire for UNDERREPORTING crime, especially where minorities are concered. Still, it is what we have.

So what you see here is black people kill other people in massively disproportionate numbers compared to the percentage of the general population. Yeah, racist, I know.

The worst offender is black people killing black people. In 2013:

2,245 black people killed 2.491 black people.

2,509 white people killed 3,005 white people.

That is 5,723 people murdered. Black people accounted for 44 percent of the murders. Black people account for 13 percent of the population.


Black people account for less than 15 percent of the population, yet commit nearly four times the number of murders as other segments of the population.


Where are the talking heads? Where are the interviews? Where the HELL is National Public Radio? Where the HELL is the Damnocratic Party?

Where the HELL are you and why are you not screaming about THESE NUMBERS?

How many inner city mommas have to cry over a casket before you get up in arms (arharhar) about these deaths? A handful of rich kids in an exclusive school in South Florida die and we have a national crisis. Black teens and young men die EVERY FREEKING DAY in our inner cities and you can't be bothered?

Racist much?


Guns are responsible for 60 percent or the murders.

Looking at the (questionable but what we got) FBI data, in 2012 of 12,765 murders, 8,855 were done with guns. Narrowing that down, 6,371 were done with handguns. Rifles account for 322 of those deaths. Rifle types are not broken out.

An AR15 is a rifle. Based on the numbers, the AR15 is far less dangerous than a pistol (handgun). So why are you screaming BAN THE AR15?


Some people complain the CDC is prevented, by federal legislation, from studying gun violence.


What's to study? People kill people. The CDC needs to concentrate on the pathogens that kill and cripple people. We have all the evidence we need about gun violence.

What we do about it is another matter.

We have plenty of evidence showing where people kill people and who is killing whom. What we are doing about it is another matter.

Take the guns away, people will still people. In those 2012 stats, fully 1/4th of the murders, 3,920, were committed with something other than a firearm.


The truth is you are screaming for gun control because you are scared. I get that. You are reacting out of emotion, not facts. Gotcha.

More importantly, you are acting out of what so many call "white privilege" because it is white children who are dying.

Scream on. Demand new laws. The fact is, you don't give a damn about the young black people who are dying in our streets. You only care about people who look like you do.

For every child killed in a school shooting, several die in our streets. And you say nothing.

Here is a salve for your conscience - .

Parting company

It is a sad day when a trusted friend throws you over.

For years now I have defended the reporting on NPR, National Public Radio. For years, I've endured side looks and snide comments from my friends on the far right.

"How can you stand to listen to those liberals?" is the most common comment.

I admit once you get past the national level reporters, public radio news has a leftist slant. Even at the national level with new reporters, that is a problem. The experienced national crew did a great job of keeping the slant out of the news reporting.

Look up the studies by nonpartisan media watchdogs. NPR spent more time interviewing Reboobicans than Damnocrats. It spent more time covering the Right than the Left.

NPR delivered news and reports I found interesting, fascinating and useful. The reporters covered topics few others did. I had plenty "Driveway moments." A driveway moment is when you are so engrossed in a story, you just sit in your vehicle in your driveway listening to the report.

At the same time, I admit NPR and Georgia Public Radio infuriated me. Some of the shows, like the now-cancelled Tavis Smiley show, engendered the kind of rage that made me quit listening to Rush Limbaugh and other far-right talking heads.

As far as GPR is concerned, if it doesn't happen in Atlanta, Savannah and sometimes Macon or Columbus, it never happened. The Two Georgias are thoroughly evident in GPR's reporting. At the same time, I get that too. The bulk of GPR's listeners are north of fall line. Play to that audience because that's where the money is and it does cost to run radio stations.


For the past two weeks, I've gotten up in the morning and hit the radio button. The reports are nonstop whining about guns and why they have to be taken away. Non. Stop.

I get in the truck. Hit the radio button - more whining about guns.

You may think I'm kidding.

In the past 2 weeks, I've turned on NPR 40+ times. I have kept track.

If the segment airing right then is not whining about guns, gun whining comes on within 2-3 minutes. The exception is for programs like Marketplace, Snap Judgment (awesome!), the weekend shows, the nighttime music shows and others.

Yet when the shows break for the top-of-the-hour news, gun whining.

Radio goes off.


I do not make a lot of money. I do support causes I care about, when these causes will let me. I cast my bread upon the waters where I believe.

Now, I cannot support NPR. I cannot agree to spend my very limited resources supporting a news organization that has so obviously gone left. Nor will I support right-leaning outfits, in case you don't wonder.

I've never had a "membership" in GPR or NPR. I just sent what I could, when I could. Did it anonymously because I did not want to be inundated with spam.

No more.

That money, as little as it is, will now go to other organizations and services and groups that believe in unbiased reporting. This kinda outfit is getting harder to find, which is another reason they deserve our support.

Your mileage may vary. May your path take you where you need to go, not where you want to go.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The great gun grab

I thought I was done with this. Apparently not.

So, yeah, they are coming for our guns. I hear the screaming "NO! THEY ARE NOT!"

Hey. Don’t take my word for it.

It is already happening.


Get you some gun grab realities, ripped from the news.

So you say some of these guns are returned.

Some ain't all. Most ain't all.


You say some of these people shouldn’t have guns in the first place. Ah so. What gives you the right to determine that?

Shall we jettison the 4th and 5th Amendments along with the 2nd?  Is Due Process is just a phrase?

You may point to "medical diagnosis" by mental health professionals which state a person is unfit to have a firearm. I point out to you that "mental health professionals" have declared homosexuality to be a mental illness. The history of "mental illness" is rife with massive abuses.

You want to lean on a science branch of medicine field of study woo factor that relies on a vote to determine what is a mental illness and what is not? If When the standards of "mental health" were are applied to other fields of healthcare, we get jade eggs for the yoni.

 "Psychiatry’s diagnostic criteria are literally voted into existence and inserted into the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM).  What is voted in is a system of classification of symptoms that is drastically different from, and foreign to, anything in medicine. None of the diagnoses are supported by objective evidence of physical disease, illness or science."

Voting is how we got the people who hold elected office today. How is that working for you?


To some people, taking our guns is more than just a phrase, It is a cause. They are jacking the 2nd Amendment.

Google “Repeal second amendment” for lots more exactly like this.

OK, so that is the First Amendment speaking there. That’s the 4th Estate and people in general doing the talking. Anyone else putting forth the same ideas?

How about a retired Supreme Court Justice pontificating on why substantive changes need to be made?

He is gone from the court, yes but you have it in his own words what he believes needs to be done. All it takes is 5 people, five not elected, appointed-for-life people to change things. Congress can pass any law unanimous and the president enthusiastically sign it. The Supreme Court can knock it down with five votes.

Gimme your pet political stand. I can find a Supreme Court decision that you will vehemently disagree with. And yet, that decision is the law of the land, whether you, I or that hacker reading your screen along with you right now agree.

But the Second Amendment is an Amendment!


This nation has repealed sections of the Constitution, including amendments. The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th.

Now I tell you a member of Congress introduced legislation to repeal the Second Amendment


You have the temerity to say “No one is coming to take your guns.”

Proof to the contrary is hereby presented above. These people are also extremely serious about this.


You may deny this reality. Some of you will certainly deny this reality. You may live your oxymoron in any way you see fit. 

Reality is under no obligation to conform itself to your expectations.

If the truth hurts, yer living wrong.

Do not expect me to accept your version.

Here's a reality for you. People are bizarre. We - you, me certainly, your BFF, your stalker - can hold totally contradictory ideas at the same time and see no problem with this. Living an oxymoron is just another day in this hell of a paradise or this paradise of hell.

Some of you may say there is no way government could confiscate all those weapons. It would be impossible, you say.

You are the same people who say there is no way we gun owners could stand against the might of the US military.

Which is it gonna be? Government won’t take our guns or we can’t stop them from doing it? These are mutually exclusive ideas. Either government can take our guns OR we gun owners can rise up and overthrow the government.

Pick one. Except you won't. Rose colored glasses? How about Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses, a towel wrapped around your head and the covers pulled over your head?


Approach this from another angle. Show me, please, any government that has voluntarily relinquished power and backed down without physical force being applied. I don’t mean over minor matters. I mean giving up and quitting. Abandoning the effort. Show me any government that has ever undergone a substantial reduction in size, scope and power without physical force applied against it.

If you can find one, and a few exist, I’ll show you dozens of examples where only physical force caused the substantive changes. Those few I said do exist? They underwent voluntary reduction after spending years of bloody conflict. Guns were involved.

You say this can't happen today? You are not reading international news. But that's another topic for another day.

Friday, February 23, 2018

The problem is guns

Yes, once again you read that right, if you have bothered to read any of my other posts.

The problem is guns. Throw bombs in there too because that's pretty much the same thing.

Guns delivered death to hundreds of millions of people.

In just the past century alone, guns were the cause of death for, eh, call it 160 million people.

In the worst single instance of gun-related (we include bombs remember), more than 100,000 people died immediately. Several times that died later as a result of their injuries.

The problem is guns. We must take immediate steps to restrict ownership of guns

Government must not be allowed to possess guns.

Government-sponsored, government-led, government-ordered shootings account for more than 95 percent of all gun-related deaths.

Leading the list for the past 100 years is the United States, Germany, Russia and China. These governments have ordered the deaths of more people than any other government on the planet.

Government doesn't need guns. If we prevent government from having guns, mass murders will plummet.

In the case of the United States, government of the people, by the people, for the people. Government directed by the people. You and me and the guy who just ducked around the corner so you won't see him looking at you. The US government is who you put into office. They are your employees.

Your employees murder people almost daily.

How does it feel to be a mass murderer?

Yeah, the problem is guns, guns in the hands of homicidal maniacs like you, people who hire mass murderers. People who demand elected officials who then order deaths by the thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions.

You don't need to be allowed to vote. You should be banned from voting.

Keep guns out of government hands and prevent you from voting and deaths by gun will plummet.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Done splainin'

You read the title right.

I am done trying to explain the First Amendment and gettin' reeeeeeallllly close to being done 'splainin' the Second Amendment.

Folks will not accept logic, reason and what the law actually says, on either one. Or most of the Constitution for that matter. I will continue to try and explain other parts of the Grand Document as I'm not weary of that.

Read the Amendments.

Understand the times in which they were written.

Note that the Amendments protect us from the government. The Amendments protect us from government overreach into our lives.

When ya get done with that, read what the Constitution framers had to say about the Amendments. Remember they'd just gone through a war for the right to establish those Amendments.

If, at the end of all this, you are still convinced that the only way to solve the gun violence is to ban guns, g'head.

Expect resistance.

How far are you willing to go? Some of our ancestors were willing to go so far that they died to support their view.

Will you do the same?

If you are not willing to die to support the cause you believe in, then you don't really believe in it at all.

And, I'm done explaining.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Lest ye forget

Much hullabaloo is made of presidential supporters backing the current Liar in Chief (LIC), despite how often the current LIC is wrong.

These people ridicule LIC supporters for their unwavering support in the face of reality. Witness Sara Sanders and her statements which not only <a href= "">fly in the face of intelligence</a>, but attempt to put a beat down on it.

Laugh if you wanna.

But this kind of completely blind support of the LIC is common.

It happened with the immediate past LIC too.

I asked people who supported the immediate past LIC why they supported him.

"He's doing a great job," was the reply.


"He's doing a great job," was the reply.

Canya be specific? I asked.

"He's doing a great job," was the reply sometimes. Sometimes I got dumb looks. Sometimes I got vitriol. Sometimes I got personally attacked. Being called racist was common.

So, I listed the LIC's "accomplishments" and asked his supporters what they thought of that. Yes, I specifically targeted the "accomplishments" to be the political opposite of the person I questioned.

I asked orthodox religious people about things like the LIC's support of gay marriage and abortion.

I asked those on the left about rising gun sales and allowed guns in national parks.

I didn't bother asking those on the right.

I was met with outright denials.

"He never did that. He didn't say that,"

Or, I was met with dumb looks. Or, I was met with hostility.

I was met with blind support of the LIC  in full defiance of reality.

So, yes, go ahead and ridicule the supporters of the current LIC.

How are you different in your support of your favorite LIC? How much reality did you reject to support your favorite LIC? How many of that LIC's lies did you believe?

When the truth hurts, yer living wrong.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Guns regulated like vehicles? Yes please.

People who don't know any better keep saying we need to regulate guns like vehicles.

Yes. Please. Can we do that immediately?

Let's put a critical eye on this detail and lemme show you why people who truly believe that either do not know what they are talking about or they are people who truly understand the 2nd Amendment.

Sometimes I provide examples. Sometimes I do not, but I will if you ask. Fair warning - this is long and may get longer as I remember things. I am trying to be comprehensive.

If I have made a mistake, or left something out, tell me. I will edit and revise. And I have revised a few times as I remember stuff. Interesting, no one from the gun control lobby has mentioned any oversights.

Points are listed at random.

Start here-


Every state grants exceptions for operating vehicles on public roads, NO LICENSE NEEDED. Look. It. Up. Tractors and combines are included in the definition of a vehicle. More definition follows. You may disagree with the definition of vehicle here, in which case you are wrong. Seriously. I am well-tired of people who cannot read their local, state and federal laws regarding the definition of vehicle and operation thereof. If you intend to argue this point, I probably will block you. Read. The. Law.

Ag vehicles, which include cropdusters, are capable of more than 100 miles an hour and have more horsepower than anything Detroit produces these days. With a wagon on the back, think hayride, they can haul as many people as a school bus.

I checked about dozen states. For the operation of ag vehicles on public roads:

• No age limit
• No vehicle registration
• No insurance

Further, many communities allow golf carts on public roads. My community does. No license needed. My community does have an insurance requirement and an age limit. Other golf cart communities do not.

A public license is not needed to drive vehicles on private property. Insurance is not needed.

Operating a vehicle on a public road is legal.

Follow the rules of the road, which are pretty uniform from state to state.

Driving toward someone is legal. Running them over is not.

States set speed limits. There is no firearm equivalent, unless you refer to rate of fire which is governed by federal law.

Law enforcement must have a warrant or have a reasonable belief that a crime is being committed to go onto private property to check a vehicle.

Seat belt use is a state-level requirement. There is no firearm equivalent.

Your state requirements may vary.

Operating a firearm on a public road is generally illegal. Some Western states allow hunting from the road. Restrictions apply and vary by state.

In general, just shooting from a public road is not permitted.

Pointing a gun down the road just to do it is illegal.

Firing a gun across lanes of traffic is illegal.

Pointing a gun at someone is questionable. Shooting at someone, regardless of impact, is illegal unless in self-defense. In some states, lethal use of a firearm even in self-defense can result in criminal charges.

Some states actually require you to retreat in the face of lethal threats. Not kidding. There is no vehicular equivalent. Get you some -

Minors may operate firearms when under supervision of an adult.

Discharging a firearm in the city limits, except under highly specific circumstances, is generally illegal.

Law enforcement can go onto private property to check a firearm without suspecting illegal activity and without a warrant.


I am not aware of any kind of vehicle banned by a state. It may exist. I don't know about it. The federal government bans vehicles. NB: I cannot swear this website is accurate. Some of the "banned" vehicles and the reasons given appear to conflict with vehicles already on the road in the US.  I also believe this list is not complete; other vehicles may be banned by the US.

Federal import rules

Several states outright ban certain categories of firearms except for law enforcement use. Get some - This link runs you to the actual state law, not NRA hype.

The federal government has banned a bunch.

This is in addition to the select-fire manufacturing restriction passed during the Reagan era.


Anyone can legally own a vehicle, at least under federal law. State law may say differently. The only knot in this particular rope is the age of the owner. Under federal and state law, a minor cannot enter into a legal contract. So, is owning a vehicle a legal contract? If the vehicle needs to be financed, yes. If the vehicle is bought outright or a gift, no. Minors buy things in stores all the time. No contract needed.

Vehicles may be given outright to minors. The late Dr. Penn White gave my son Jesse an MG Midget. Jesse was in elementary school at the time.

A person convicted of a felony may legally own a vehicle. A person convicted of multiple DUI infractions may own a vehicle.

Not aware of any ownership restrictions in any state for vehicles, up to and including decommissioned tanks.

Vehicles may be given as gift without restriction.

No limit on the number of vehicles that may be owned.

No state has a waiting period for purchasing a vehicle

The Constitution does not guarantee the right to own a vehicle.

To legally own certain classes of firearm, a person must be at least 18 under federal law. That is for long guns. The age is 21 for handguns.

Several states outright ban certain categories of firearms except for law enforcement use.

Firearms may be gifted, provided the receiver is legally allowed to own the firearm under state and federal law.

No limit on the number of firearms that may be owned. Possession of more than a certain amount of a single caliber or gauge of ammunition requires a federal arsenal permit.

A person convicted of a felony may not legally own a firearm. A person committed to a mental institution may not legally own a firearm. A person convicted of assault may not own a firearm. The list goes on.

Get some -

Some states impose a waiting limit on buying a firearm.

When buying a firearm from a licensed dealer, the BATFE may impose a 3-day waiting period with no explanation. At the end of the period, the BATFE may say no sale, sale approved, or sale to be determined by the license holder. There is no vehicle equivalent.

The Constitution backed up by a Supreme Court decision, says owning a firearm is a Constitutional right.

Three significant pieces of legislation also govern certain kinds of firearms. There is no vehicle equivalent.


Got money? Buy it.

Those on the left say that if you are in business, you must do business with anyone who has money. Bake a cake, in other words.

Prohibiting someone from legally owning a vehicle requires an order from a judge.

Sales from a dealer are subject to local sales tax and possibly property taxes and possibly local registration requirements. I say possibly because collector vehicles may not be registered in some places. Also, in some states the purchase of ag vehicles is exempt from sales tax.

Purchase of new vehicles with certain engine types may allow the owner an income tax break.

Anyone may cross a state line and buy a vehicle in a state where they do not live.

Buying from a dealer requires either a federal background check OR a state-approved firearms license. Regardless, federal paperwork must be filled out when buying from a dealer.

Federal regulations allow require a firearms dealer to refuse a sale if he believes the buyer should not have the firearm EVEN IF THE BUYER PASSES THE FEDERAL BACKGROUND CHECK. A firearms dealer may refuse to sell a firearm without giving a reason. Federal regulation.

Private sales may or may not require background checks, depending on state law. Regardless, sale of a firearm to someone legally prohibited from owning a firearm is a federal offense.

Prohibiting someone from owning a firearm may require an order from a judge, i.e. criminal conviction, judged mentally incompetent, etc. Preventing someone over 21 from legally owning a firearm may not require a judge's order, i.e. being under pysch-type care.

Sales from a dealer are subject to the federal Pittman-Robertson act taxes, local sales taxes and possibly local registration requirements.

When buying a firearm in another state, only long guns may be purchased by a non-resident, subject to everything else listed above and below. Handgun purchases are only allowed within the state of residence. This is a federal regulation and has no vehicle equivalent.

One firearm may be purchased per year and deducted from federal taxes, if the firearm is used in a business. Farming allows this for crop predation control. Think hunting wild hogs to save the peanuts.

I have a 3/4 inch thick book from the BATF giving me the regulations on the sale of firearms. I doubt the vehicle industry has the same.


Vehicles are grouped into classes. Ag. Commercial transport (semi). Commercial person transport (bus, limo). Recreational. Racing/Professional sport. Passenger/Private. Aquatic. Air. AutoCycle (in some states). Motorcycle. Industrial (in some states). Driving SOME of these vehicles requires a license. Some require an advanced or special license.

Firearms are in classes.

Some are not regulated. Airguns are not considered firearms, depending on the use and state regulations. Antique meaning made before 1898. Obsolete, meaning ammo for the firearm is no longer available. Muzzleloader, meaning it must be loaded from the muzzle and cannot use modern smokeless powder; can be handgun or long gun. (Savage and Daisy experienced this requirement and those guns are now collector's items, commanding a serious price.) Anyone can buy and own these, subject to state law. No license needed to buy, own or sell. Age requirement is a gray area.

HOWEVER - The definition of "weapon" is highly subjective and may include any of the above. Take a blackpowder pistol to rob a bank, and you are guilty of armed robbery. Same with an airgun. There is no vehicle equivalent.

Curio & Relic, meaning 40 years old or older or special designation into this category by the BATFE. BATFE has a special firearms license for this category allowing the holder to buy and sell guns in this group across state lines.

Long guns are a category. Think shotgun and rifle. Long gun barrel length is federally regulated to a minimum.

Handguns are a category. Think Dirty Harry's revolver. Handgun barrel length is federally regulated to a maximum.

A new class of short-barreled shotgun, with a pistol grip, was recently added to the categories. These firearms must still maintain a minimum length. Addition of a shoulder stock, even once, moves these guns into the Tax Stamp short barreled firearm category.

Tax Stamp required firearms are short-barreled long guns (any other weapon). Fully automatic (select-fire). Destructive Devices (DD), items having a bore of more than a half-inch and generally recognized as not having any sporting use.

Sporting use means 10 and 8 gauge shotguns (which would otherwise be a DD) are sporting arms despite the bore size. Other examples are the 577 Tyrannosaur, the 600 and 700 Nitro Express double rifles, the 4-bore and the 2-bore.

Industrial application. These firearms are special use and special manufacture. They are not used for hunting, sporting, training or law enforcement purposes. (Nor would you want to for that matter.) They are found in very specific factories and coal-burning power plants where they are used to remove "eyebrows" from drums and boilers. They could fall under the tax-stamp requirement under a strict interpretation of the law, but they are not placed there. As best I know, Remington and Winchester are the sole US manufacturers of these firearms.

Railguns are not regulated in any fashion I'm aware of. There is no vehicle equivalent. Still, use one in the commission of a crime, and you will be charged with using a "weapon."


A driver's license from any state or territory is valid in any other state or territory. 16 is the minimum age to receive a license. A learner's permit is available at 15. There is no minimum age needed to obtain a private pilot's license.

Every state is a "shall issue" for driver's licenses. Pass the test, get a license. You cannot be denied unless your license is suspended for some infraction. Licensing requirements vary by state.

Once you get a license in one state, you can move to another state and get the same license there without testing.

A license is not required to own a vehicle.

A weapons permit is only valid in the state of issue and in states with a reciprocal agreement. A Georgia driver's license is valid in any US state or territory. A Georgia firearms permit is only valid in the Peach State and in states with a reciprocity agreement.

Get some -

Most states with a carry license have a minimum age of 21 for the permit. Getting a permit in some states requires some training.

Some states are "shall issue." Some states are "may issue." May issue means you can be denied a license for any reason or no reason. Some states are "open carry" meaning no license is required.
Some states do not require any training for a firearms license.

A firearms license will not automatically transfer to another state. You must meet that state's requirements.

A license is not required to own a gun.

Tax Stamp
It is not a license, but rather a federal tax stamp. The stamp is needed to legally own a DD, short barrel firearm or select-fire gun in every state and territory This paperwork must be in possession of the person who has the tax stamp weapon in every state and territory.

Some states do not allow certain tax-stamp firearms.

A tax-stamp firearm also requires approval from a local law enforcement agency head. This permission may be denied with no reason given.

A National Firearms Act (NFA) trust may be created to "own" a Tax Stamp firearm or accessory. Local law enforcement permission is not required. Other requirements remain. Other "users" may be added to this trust, provided the person is eligible to legally use a firearm. No checks are required to add people.


You can drive any vehicle across state lines, provided it meets the local and state road requirements for being on the road. It may mean headlights, brake lights and turn signals, safety belts, insurance, registration and a license. As noted above, these items are not always required.

You must meet the state and local regulations, which vary widely. New York prohibits magazines above a certain capacity. New York also requires firearms be carried in a separate locked container from ammunition. Other states vary in transportation requirements.

Transporting a tax stamp weapon (think full auto) means the person with the weapon and the tax stamp must alert authorities that the weapon is crossing state lines. Some states prohibit certain tax stamp firearms, so transporting it across a state line is illegal even if you call ahead.


Dispensing gasoline must be overseen by someone with a driver's license or over 18. This is rarely enforced in my opinion as young'uns are routinely seen buying gas in gas cans for lawnmowers & so forth.

Parts may be purchased by anyone with money.

Oil, filters, transmission fluid, etc. may be purchased by anyone with money.

Purchasing ammo requires the person to be at least 18 or 21 depending on the ammo. Strictly handgun ammo, the buyer must be 21. If the ammo can be handgun or long gun, the seller has to be sure the person buying will use it in a long gun if the buyer is under 21.

Reloading supplies may be purchased by anyone.


Some roads and bridges in every state are weight-restricted.

Some states and cities have emissions requirements for vehicles.

Height requirements are set by state law.

Restrictions noted throughout this article.


Vehicles may be parked on public property, school grounds, state and federal enclaves in marked places and sometimes unmarked places. Vehicles may be taken into buildings on these properties.

Businesses are free to restrict vehicle possession and use on their grounds.

Age restrictions are possible, but unusual unless linked directly to the age needed for the license (21 for CDL.)

Firearms may not be taken into buildings on these properties. Some exceptions are for organized and coached sporting events. Shotgun tournaments hosted by the 4-H is an example, but the firearms are closely monitored and the person must adhere to a volume of safety regulations.

A person over 18 must be in attendance for a firearm to be legally allowed on school grounds even for an organized event.

Businesses are free to restrict firearm possession and use on their grounds.


Commission of a Crime
Possession of a vehicle during the commission of a crime is not an additional charge in most states. Using the vehicle to actually commit the crime (run over someone) may be different. Your state regs may vary.

Possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime is an additional charge in every state. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon during commission of a crime is an additional charge in every state.


Vehicle size is governed by weight, with a maximum set under state and federal law. Execptions many be granted by seeking special permission. There is no firearm equivalent.

Misuse of a vehicle ranges from a civil offense to a federal capital punishment eligible crime.

Misuse of a firearm is a crime ranging from a misdemeanor to a federal capital punishment eligible crime.

Some states allow hunting from a vehicle. Regs vary by state.

All states have restrictions on firearm types, caliber and shot size for hunting.

Except in the new category of shotgun with has a minimum length, barrels shorter than certain length must have rifling grooves. To do otherwise creates a short-barreled gun subject to the Tax Stamp. There is no vehicle equivalent.

Hazardous material transport applies to certain items hauled in vehicles, including ammunition primer and powder. It also applies to acids, fuels and etc. Aside from an upper gross vehicle weight limit, there is no limit to how much fuel a vehicle may transport without needing a HazMat permit. This may appear to be a contradiction on fuel, but it is not. Semis routinely haul hundreds of pounds of fuel to engine consumption, no permit needed. Hauling it as cargo is hazmat.

HazMat applies to transport of ammo, powder and primers over a certain weight, under 10 pounds as I remember, for private transport. HazMat applies to any commercial transport of said items. Amount of ammunition over a certain amount is subject to federal regulation.

Fuel must be stored in approved containers. Storing fuel in glass jars is considered construction of a Destructive Device and subject to a federal Tax Stamp.

Powder may be stored in glass jars. Powder stored in pipes and other improvised explosive devices determined by an investigating officer may be considered Destructive Devices and subject to the federal Tax Stamp.


To get a vehicle sales license, some states require classes, insurance and a regular license fee. This varies by state. Most cities also require a business license for the dealer.

To get a federal firearms license, the person must:

• Be fingerprinted.
• Undergo an extensive background check, much more thorough than the check needed to buy a firearm.
• Have the premises where the firearms are sold inspected. Inspections may be done annually.
• Prove he wants the license to make money (Yes. This is a federal requirement.)
• Have a meeting with a BATFE agent to discuss the application (for a commercial dealer or higher license. Not needed for Curio & Relict)
• Pay the license fee each year or every three years, depending on the license.
• Keep records for 20 years of every transaction.
• Prove firearms can be stored in a safe location.
• Report any theft of a firearm to the BATFE within 24 hours.
• Submit reports (depending on license) on all firearms sales to local law enforcement regularly (depending on local regs).
• Have a physical location.
• Have the property zoned for commercial firearms sales (C&R excepted).
• Specify which license is requested. BATFE has a bunch. It ranges from the C&R to the destructive device construction and import license.
• A business license.

Get some -


Vehicle accessories are limited. Blue lights are restricted to law enforcement use and special permit.

Flashing lights may be restricted by state or local law.

Vehicle height is restricted by local law in some places.

Window tint is restricted in some states.

Other accessories may be limited by local or state law.

Fuel composition is governed by state and federal law. There is no exact parallel to firearms.

Some states restrict magazine capacity.

Some states restrict stocks - nothing collapsible, sliding wire -rame, front grips, etc.

Certain projectiles are illegal under federal law. There is no exact parallel to vehicles.

Changing barrels on the firearm may be federally illegal, depending on the configuration of the firearm and the length of the barrel and rifling in the barrel, without a Tax Stamp.

Federal law specifies what part of a firearm is the actual "gun." Must meet federal requirements to own this. Other parts may be purchased by anyone.

Possession of certain parts of a firearm, not the "gun" is illegal without a Tax Stamp.


Some states ban vehicles without mufflers. Some states put decibel limits on motorcycles. No jake brakes in some localities.

Some states and communities outright ban suppressors. Some restrict them. Regardless, it requires a federal Tax Stamp for each suppressor.


Vehicle registration varies by state and vehicle. Sometimes required, sometimes not.

Registration varies by state and firearm. Sometimes required, mostly not.


Anyone can buy a kit vehicle and put it together. Registration requirement varies by state. The vehicle may be sold to anyone.

Inspection often required in order to get registration and tags.

Once made, can be sold to anyone.

Anyone can buy an unrestricted firearm kit, blackpowder for instance, and put it together.

Other classes are subject to federal firearm ownership restrictions. Construction and possession is illegal as noted above.

Sale of kit firearms, which are subject to federal regulation is generally prohibited, unless it is done through a dealer. If you make your own centerfire or rimfire firearm you do not need to put a serial number on it. This is recommended. If no serial number, you cannot sell this firearm, but may leave it to someone in your will.

No one, excepting someone with a Class III or higher manufacturer's permit, may make a DD or select-fire firearm. Select-fire may only be sold to law enforcement or kept as a demonstration model. If the Class III or higher license is ever surrendered or not renewed, any display firearm must be turned into the BATFE.

No inspection requirements.

The "80 percent" rule allows anyone to buy a block that needs machining work to become a completed firearm. This is a precision operation and well beyond the capabilities of most people without a CNC machine. CNC devices are thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The block has to be no more than 80 percent complete. If the person is prohibited from owning a firearm, completing the block to make it into a firearm is a federal crime.


Depending on the kind of instruction, requirements vary. Class requirements vary.

Depending on kind of instruction, requirements vary, but at minimum require a background check and be legally allowed to own a firearm as well as tax certifying classes by a certifying agency.


Federal law oversees the license for manufacturing of commercial vehicles. It has three levels. 1) A custom shop that turns out a few vehicles a year. Think racing shop. No license needed. 2) Small manufacturer. I forget the number made in a year before this requirement kicks in. 3) Mass market. Ford, Chrysler, GMC, etc.

Repair shops generally need a local business license. They may be subject to additional taxes and laws such as workman's comp and unemployment insurance.

Any repair shop may repair any vehicle, if the shop is capable. In general, no specific license is required to be a mechanic. State laws may vary. No license is needed to send a vehicle across a state line for repair. Certifications are available.

Certain parts on vehicles may not be repaired by the owner, under the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA); this affects the software and electronic components used by the software. Only licensed shops may effect the repair. There is no firearm equivalent.

Manufacture of a kit vehicle or a restoration does not require registration. Manufacture for commercial sale requires federal registration of some sort of identification number, be that a VIN or engine number.

Federal and local regulations govern emissions.

The manufacture of 1 firearm for commercial sale requires a federal gun manufacturing license. BATFE recently ruled that making some modifications to firearms parts, threading a barrel for instance for commercial sale, also requires a federal firearms license.

Gunsmith shops generally need a local business license. They may be subject to additional taxes and laws such as workman's comp and unemployment insurance.

Working on Class III or other Tax Stamp firearms requires the gunsmith to hold the necessary federal licenses to possess and work on such items. Gunsmiths are not required to have a federal firearms license, but it is recommended. If the gun passes over a state line to the smith direct, a license is required. Certifications are available.

The owner may repair any part of his firearm without license or approval, unless the firearm requires software and electronic parts governed by software, in which case the federal DMCA applies. If that happens, only a licensed shop may effect repairs.

Manufacture of a firearm for private use and not for sale under any circumstances does not require registration. The maker still must be allowed to own the firearm under local, state and federal law. Manufacture for commercial sale requires federal registration of the serial number.

Select-fire firearms may not be manufactured by an individual without the appropriate federal licenses. Other Tax Stamp weapons may be legally manufactured by an individual after paying the Tax Stamp and received BATFE approval.

Federal law requires the use of non-toxic (steel, bismuth, tungsten) shot for hunting waterfowl. California has non-lead hunting bullet requirements.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Food banks and how you can help EVEN MORE

Tis the season for people to start donating food to food banks.

As a Board Member of a one food bank and a contributor to several others, Thank you. Thank you. Thank. You.

You are awesome.

Wanna do more to help? Want to help people even MORE than you already do with less effort on your part? (Or, more effort in a few instances as I shall explain.) Here's how.


If you hunt, donate the meat. In my community, I accept deer and hogs and I do the processing. If you can't get ahold of me and still want to donate, take the critter over to any deer processor here and tell 'em it is for me for the food bank. They'll call me and I'll come get the meat. Stacey Keen's place, off Highway 32, and I have an arrangement for food bank meat, but I will work with all the processors.

If you can pay for the processing, I can get you a receipt for taxes. If you can't pay for the processing, that's OK too.

Don't live near me? No problem. Hunters for the Hungry is where you are.


When you donate money to the food bank it goes MUCH farther than the cans of food you buy at the store.

Here's how.

Food banks buy food from regional distribution centers.

In SOWEGA, it is Second Harvest of SOWEGA. We buy food for 19¢ a pound. All kinds of food.

We can buy steak, ground meat, bread, canned food, fresh produce, frozen food, snacks and more for 19¢ a pound.

Your $1 contribution buys 5 pounds of food.

When you spend $1 at the grocery store for the food bank - and we love you for it - you get a lot less than we can at the distribution center.


Food banks can use your time too. Can you make deliveries? Sometimes the people we help do not have transportation. Can you take food to them? You might have to do this once a month or less. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly when you will be needed for transportation. Can you help?


This is sad. Hunger never ends. The people who you are so awesomely helping during the holidays need food during the rest of the year too. Your contributions are needed all year long.

If you can contribute during the year - food or money - it is appreciated.


In my community, we have BackPack Buddies. Your community has one too. Just google BackPack Buddies and your community.

BackPack Buddies can use you. Someone needs to pick up the food from the distribution center and get it to the assembly area. Someone needs to help pack the food into the backpacks.

BackPack Buddies sends food home with elementary school children, enough for the weekend. The children are told to hide the food. Believe it or not, some parents will steal food from their children. The kids bring the backpack to school on Monday. It's refilled and sent home again Friday.

If a smaller child is also in the home, the backpack can hold enough food for the other child as well.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

No help forthcoming

Today I will mail 20+ sheets of paper, some with words printed in languages other than English, some which are partly filled out forms and a good bit of which I have already mailed.

This round is going to the Obamacare headquarters which believes I have not filed the appropriate paperwork telling the government what the government already knows because I filed the appropriate paperwork.

Once again some of these forms request information that I:

• Do not know where to get

• Do not understand

• Do not know why the government must have this information from me because it already has this information from me.

Confused? Me too.

Among the requested paperwork being sent this time is an appeal form. Filled this out as best I can.

Every time I have to send in paperwork, I make copies of everything they sent. I make copies of everything I previously sent and everything they previously sent. Times like this make me glad to be a tree farmer.

Yet to get a straight answer.


One of the things repeated in several places in these letters from various federal agencies is a toll-free number to call to get help.

I have called. I have stayed on hold until the phone disconnected. I have yet to speak with a live person.

Call the state help line? Same thing.


I periodically get information from Blue Cross & Blue Shield, the insurance company. Some of it is as comprehensible as the information from Obamacare & the IRS. Some of it is in plain, simple English which I can understand.

BCBS also has a toll free number, but the wait time is interminable. I send them a letter. They do what's needed and it is settled.


In case you don't wonder, I sometimes work as an investigative reporter. I write high finance articles and I write about tax laws around the nation. I am skilled at wading through bureaucratic bullshit on paper. And yet, this stuff mystifies me.


I do not intend to wait on hold until a live person comes on the line. Letters from the IRS and Obamacare all request a phone number so someone can call me. I have yet to receive a call.

I may start billing these agencies for my time.


One thing I have noticed is they like paper. The more the better. At the rate things are going, I will be mailing entire reams of paper this time next year. Someone in Washington is going to die of a joyous heart attack from this.


When Obamacare was announced, the then Liar-in-Chief said this would reduce federal spending. Anyone but me remember that? Depending on whom you talk to, the government is spending less on healthcare for citizens, but how, where and why is never explained. The numbers are just pulled out the air apparently.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Fear this

BEHOLD! The most nightmarish weapon ever created. The AR15 with a tactical Bernie Sanders Mount  ©@®.

Fear me!

Let me show you its features.

30,000 round detachable Clip/Mag capable of spewing death at distances to 15 miles and that is when the clip/mag is just sitting on a table not connected to the rifle. Imagine what it can do when attached to the rifle at any point on the firearm!

Collapsible bump/sliding/6-position stock making this killing machine foldable so it can be hidden in a toddler's pants pocket.

Industrial/Military/Espionage grade laser/infravision/xray scope capable of seeing through three feet of solid lead. Also shoots death beams.

Forward picatinny rail system for mounting external hardware: a full dinette set so you can immediately eat whatever you shoot, flashlights to blind the opposition into submission, smartphone-video camera so you can record your shots, Camelback water pack for hydration, cigarette lighter, 12 volt solar-powered charging station, specially engraved 2nd Amendment plaque, diaper changing station for those days when you take the little ones to the range for early training, 4-way lug wrench and floor jack, tuxedo storage and ironing press for formal shooting events, lasers, MP3 player, NRA card holder, bacon frying rack and more.

Please note: Pic rails required for the Bernie Sanders mount.

Scary triangle-looking thing over the barrel.

Mysterious barrel attachment that reduces the sound of the gun to negative volumes. Yes. This gun actually absorbs the sounds of screaming.

Evil black coating the same color as Darth Vader's outfit.

Three-position pistol grip allowing the shooter to use 1, 2, 3 or all 4 fingers on the trigger, enabling this rifle to fire faster than full automatic.

Three-position mag/clip grip allowing shooter to mount as many as four mag/clips at the same time allowing the shooter to fire as many as four rounds simultaneously.

Forward assist allowing shooter to chamber multiple rounds at the same time.

EXCLUSIVE - Bernie Sanders Mount ©@® attachment.

Simply clip the patent-pending Bernie Sanders Mount ©@® to the bottom pic rail. Fire the Bernie Sanders at the target and watch him leave a trail campaign promises that even a blind hunter could follow. Watch the shock and awe impact on your target as the Bernie Sanders splatters everywhere creating what appears to be enormous damage, but on closer inspection turns out to be easily wiped off with emails and high-level conferences.

The Bernie Sanders Mount ©@® attachment's greatest benefit is the sheer confusion is sows. Even the most ardent gun haters are thrown into a tizzy upon seeing a blustering Bernie Sanders fired at them from this non-assault assault rifle.

Coming soon, the Donald Trump Mount ©@® as soon as we figure out how to keep it from exploding just because it is touched.