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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dunno if you heard about a resurrected form of protest that desperately needs to be shipped to Washington.

I refer you here to the idea of a person setting himself on fire as a way to protest some sort of government action.
JEB BUSH, brother of former president Dubya and son of Shrub, demonstrates his displeasure at not being allowed to be president after Dubya left office.

You may say this is an incredibly stupid idea that accomplishes pretty much nothing. Stop being so short sighted. When used successfully, self-immolation was, is and will be a critical component of setting national policy. Can you just imagine the results of Sen. Harry Reid setting himself on fire?

US Senator Harry Reid experiences the full effect of OsamaCare health reform after protesting the Damnocrat defeat in the 2010 elections.

You now see why it is of the utmost urgency that we get congress to adopt this policy. In short order we can thin the ranks in Washington getting rid of the fools, idiots and morons, at least we can if we can convince the fire fighters that turning ones self into the Human Torch is a valid form of free speech, which I believe it is.

Misguided firefighters attempt to douse Speaker of the House John Boehner as he rants about the Rebooican agenda being thwarted.
Self immolation as a form of protest, as best I can figure, started around the time of the Vietnam War.

Contrary to popular belief, Janice Joplin did not die of a heroin overdose, rather she set herself on fire to protest the war in Vietnam and her inability to win a Grammy.

You can further see why it is imperative that Nancy Pelosi be encouraged to turn herself into a human candle to protest the present wars the United States is involved in.
Nancy Pelosi can take a message from her good friends in socialism, the Chinese, when it comes to effective ways to throw a tantrum.

You may say if things get out of hand, the incandescent politicians, lobbyists, and aides could spread the conflagration to the rest of Washington, which could burn the place down. That this would leave the nation’s capitol pretty much a ghost town is not a problem either, as far as I can see.

Large scale urban renewal in Washington is possible with self-immolation of members of Congress. The United States demonstrated this is possible at Hiroshima. Following the bomb, Japan immediately rose to be a premier world economic power, thanks to an aggressive rebuilding program spurred by the complete flattening of everything in sight. Nothing like a lil incentives to get people up, moving and back to work.

This kind of slash and burn Urban Renewal is as old as mankind. General Sherman demonstrated it’s effectiveness in the War of Northern Aggression on Southern soil. More recently the United States has launched a vigorous campaign, with the help of natives, to reduce Iraq to rubble so the people there can rebuild without having to work about bringing existing buildings up to code.

In hopes of turning Iraq into the next world superpower, the United States is systematically leveling the nation so it can then invest quintillions of dollars to rebuild the place so it can manufacture cheap crap for export to the US.

If you’re with me, send a letter to your Senator and Representative encouraging them to stand on the steps in front of the Lincoln Memorial and take a 93 octane bath and “light one up for democracy.” Remind them they are leaders with the rallying cry “The people ignited are united!”

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