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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Since you didn't ask

For lunch I had bison-vegetable soup. It was good.

Clan Genius, even as I speak, is making a gargantuan pot of Bison-vegetable soup. I mean it. Around 5 gallons or so.

I expect it to last through Friday evening, unless Clint comes by in which case it'll be gone tomorrow night.

Tuesday night I had Man Steaks of Bison. It was equally good. Man Steak - 3 inch thick steak browned on the outside and still ... lowing? grunting? whatever it is bison do on the inside. Man Steak. Large thick chunks of mammal flesh lightly browned and, well you already know.

Monday I had elk.

Soon I will have fallow deer.

The Bison tastes much like, but not exactly like, beef. There is an undercurrent there of what I can only say is the wide open plains.

Elk tastes like whitetail deer, albeit a bit tough. I suspect the fallow deer will be the same, except less tough.

I will be making jerky from all three critters in the near future.

I do hereby testify that as awesome as I expect it to be, it won't come close to coon jerky.

Coon jerky. Yes. I made a tiny bit without my usual marinade and it was excellent. With my usual marinade, I expect it to be the best I have ever made.

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