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Friday, January 21, 2011

I am about to disgust some people. Myself, I don’t understand why, but then “All I know is that I know nothing.”

The vast majority of humans in the world today got their first independent nutrition from the same source they got nutrition from conception to birth.


Makes no sense?

How about breastfeeding? Clear?

One lucky kid.

Doctors say breast milk is the healthiest source of food for infants.

Colostrum, which a mammalian breasts produce for the first few days is even healthier.

Some people find the idea of breastfeeding to be revolting.

Do you drink milk? Eat cheese? Ice cream? Yogurt? Where do you think it comes from?

Why do people find the idea of breastfeeding to be so revolting?

Which is more offensive to you?

Babies gotta eat. Mom supplies a ready source of food. It’s the right temperature. It’s sterile. It’s got everything the baby needs. It comes in a handy package.The package is easy to operate and comes with a feeding attachment for which babies are perfectly adapted.

Smart moms know exactly what goes into the milk because they pay attention to what goes into them to produce the milk.

So why do some people find it offensive?

You think nothing of seeing an adult sit down to a meal and eat.

Why does the idea of a baby having a meal, literally, on mom bother people?

Myself, I like the idea. I like knowing the mom is forming a bond with her baby. I like knowing the baby is getting the best possible start to a healthy life.

And I don't blame him.

It has never happened in my presence, which is good, but I understand some people are so offended by the sight of a momma breastfeeding in public they will make a scene about this.

G’head. You do it in my presence and I’m gonna unleash the full force of a Redneck Genius on you in defense of Mom.

She’s got every right in the universe to take care of her baby. If you don’t like it, leave.

Now, lemme come at you with a curve ball.

Now how many of you are disgusted and revolted and so forth? It is to you I address the following questions. If you are like me, you are intrigued.

So ye who be offended, why? What’s wrong with this idea?

If you are an adult, you probably swap bodily fluids with other adults. Do you find this revolting?

Do you give blood? I do. Ever had a blood transfusion? Know someone who has? Know someone whose life was saved because of a blood transfusion? Do you hold it against that person that they took someone else’s blood?

What about organ transplants? Chances are you know someone who is walking around today with parts of another person surgically attached to them.

Do you find that offensive?

Then why is the idea of cheese made from human milk offensive? What’s the difference between that and a slab of sharp cheddar from a cow?

The difference? The human donor knows exactly what is being done and why, whereas the cow merely gives milk to reduce the pressure in the udders.

Still revolted? Why?

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