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Monday, August 7, 2017

Equal treatment of unequal individuals is the height of injustice

Me bud Doc posted this bullet point meme. I replied in thread, but I think the replies are truncated and deserve more exegesis.

1 - Read The Bladerunner by Alan E. Nourse. This is not the movie. This is a dystopian SF novel with universal health care as the plot device. It proves the adage, a government big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take everything you have away.

2 - Willing to reluctantly concede this one.

3 - Utter tripe.

People with enough money to get the best possible health care will continue to do so. They will go where they want, when they want and get what they want. It is impossible, under a single-payer system, to provide anything remotely resembling uniform benefits. People with the money go to 3-4 cancer treatment centers, sometimes a thousand miles away. Why? They provide the absolute best outcomes.

A single payer system is not going to ship a single mother of 5 on public assistance to Houston, Texas, for treatment for cancer.

4 - This implies people will take more responsibility for their own health. As long as we have food deserts, this ain't gonna happen. As long as people are allowed to chose SuperSize v. a salad, this ain't going to happen.

5 - Yes. From the docs who chose to participate. See No. 1 above.

If you force all medical providers to participate, you have immediately restored slavery to the United States.

6 - Well, yes. But it is exchanged for government interference with care.

Do your homework. Read this report -

7 - This is, simply, delusional. When the US Post Office is paying $1,500 a month for a building in a residential neighborhood that would rent for maybe $400 as a home (and this is common within the USPS), no. This is but one of many thousands of examples.
Especially this one -

8 - Show me any government program that saves money v. the private sector doing it. I will show you two examples of government-run programs that cost more.

9 - There is nothing so unjust as equal treatment of unequal individuals.

This proposes to pay the same amount for the same procedure in the middle of New York City as in Eutaw, S.C. as in Kotzebue, Alaska. Check the cost of living in all three places. Equal pay? This proposal will make medical care providers even more wealthy or greatly reduce their pay. Some will be about even.

10 - If you truly and honestly believe public ownership and public oversight is a good thing, you are henceforth barred from ever criticizing any elected official from the president on down.

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