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Friday, February 18, 2011


In what is going to incredibly infuriate feminists to point of making them even more irrational that usual, I tell you chivalry ain't dead.

There's a gut shot for you.

I have been to high school rassling tournaments and seen young ladies compete. It's very very difficult for them.

A boy, facing a girl across the mat, will fight that much harder to win. Make no mistake. In addition to wanting to win (most of 'em anyway) the young man is going into the match knowing his buddies are watching. To be beaten, yes to be beaten by a girl is a severe blow to the young male ego. Which is gonna infuriate feminazis even more.

I had this discussion with my daughter. She wanted to be on the wrestling team. I said I'd support her, and I meant it, but I pointed out she'd be fighting uphill all the way. As she's also in dance and wanted to play basketball, she had to decide which to participate in because all three hold practice at the same time. She chose dance. I'd have been happy with whatever she chose.

Amateur wrestling is violent. It is not the fake stuff as seen in pro rasslin. The people who wear the singlets and the headgear are there to battle for real. This is a fight. It's not to the same level as ultimate fighting, but it's close.

As the young man in the story says, it is a violent sport. Sitting on the sidelines watching I have heard anxious mommas whispering "Don't break his arm."

The young man in the story declined the chance to inflict such violence on a young lady, despite her willingness to be so treated and, in turn, treat a young man the same way.

There's more to the story. The young lady was denied her chance at trying to see who was the better athlete in this contest. While she was not interviewed, I can suspect she is disappointed. To win because the other person refuses to compete is a hollow victory. She may be in the record books, but she will also know she got there without actually proving herself.

That is unfortunate. The young lady deserves to have a chance.

The world will now never know who was actually the better wrestler.  On the field of individual contest, Darwin rules.The best adapted survive. Gender plays a very minor role.

You may think I condemn the young man. Think again. Those who condemn the young man for his decision, well, you are fools.

This young man stood by his principles. This world needs more people like this young man.

He made a decision that the distaff should not be subjected to violence by his hand if he can avoid it. Some people are going to prove their inferiority by calling the young man misogynistic and chauvanistic.

You do not have to like his decision. But to denigrate him for holding to his decision only proves he is better than you.

I tell you again, we need more people in this world willing to stick to their principles even at personal cost to themselves.

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