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Monday, February 21, 2011

Vile imprecations

I have GOT to stop listening to talk radio.
If this launches a new round of attacks, my apologies.
Pick a side. Any side that is current assaulting the airwaves. Conservative. Liberal. Neoconservative, Neoliberal (although what The Matrix has to do with talk radio, I dunno).
Now in one easy-to-read book!

All of 'em drive me around the bend.


They insist their weltanschauung is the only one which will work and everyone else must adopt it or die in a variety of ruins.
This will scare some people. Really. Not kidding.
GAAAAAAAAAAAAH. That was me being frustrated, not scared.

If you listen to all of 'em closely enough you'll find they all don't care about you and me. They are all pushing an agenda of increased centralized power. The only and I do mean the only difference is who will hold the power under their New World Odor. You read that correctly. Odor. Nor order.

Egad. Sometimes the interest has EXACTLY what I'm looking for.
And who holds the reins in this New World Stench? It ain't gonna be me or you.  

If you listen close, you witness none of 'em are willing to even seriously entertain the idea that perhaps the other side may be have valid ideas. Compromise only until you back the other side into a position where you don't have to meet in the middle.

Live and let live is a concept they cannot grasp. It's either control or fight for control.

The idea of just letting the other person alone and personal responsibility and accountability is something they are pathologically incapable of understanding.


Before you decide to hand me my own various body parts on a variety of farm implements as you accuse me of doing the same thing, go back and read s'more. Yes, I am opinionated. Yes, I will tell you what I think. Yes, I attack people, persons, groups and idiotologies.

OK, I don't have that much hair.
But if you look close, the only folks I rip into are those attempting to force me to fit their preconceived notion of whom I should be, especially those who either have the power to make the attempt or can reasonably be expected to achieve that power. Leave me alone, I leave them alone.

That's what separates from the others,, especially talk radio. I ain't saying my way is the correct way for you. It is the correct way for me. If you go your way and leave me alone, then everything is copacetic. When you start telling me what I must and must not do, then someone call Houston 'cause we have a problem.

Look, I ain't you, you ain't me and neither one of us is that funny looking guy with a knife behind your back who just ducked around the corner when you started to turn around to see who was there.

People need to quit trying to force other people to be clones of themselves. Talk radio is the world's biggest cloning experiment. Both sides, when the dust settles, are trying to do the exact same things, even if the ones behind the mic aren't willing to admit it.

Stereotypical talk radio fan.

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