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Thursday, February 10, 2011

$5 a gallon gas and mentally unstable governments

Are you ready for $5 a gallon gas?

If the present state of affairs continues, I expect it to happen.

Why? Because the United States government is more two-faced and mentally unstable than a guy in the mental ward who thinks he is Napoleon and a cinder block is his best friend.

Before I ‘splain that one, some more questions.

Did you know the United States sends  $1 billion a year to Egypt?

Did you know that Egypt is the US’s closest ally, except for Israel, in the Middle East?

Think about that and think out how the US government is now publicly supporting the regime change efforts in Egypt. Think about the invasion of Iraq.

Now can you imagine HOW WORRIED the rest of the nations in the Middle East are?

Some of ‘em have GOT to be panicking. Unless they are as delusional as our government. This is entirely possible. Remember Baghdad Bob standing in the middle of the street with American forces behind him bombing the joint into ruins? He insisted Iraq was winning the war, the American forces were being routed and right behind him, US troops were having a break for lunch.

Back to the Land o’ Pyramids. Egypt is ruled by a dictatorial regime, yes. But in terms of the kinds of governments found over there, it is also the most lenient and has done the most good for the people. Egyptians, under Hosnea Mubarak, have enjoyed a stable economy, decent standards of living and a relatively free press.

And now the US, which is a major ally of Mubarak, is supporting the people who seek to change the government there.

Saudi Arabia is ruled by a dictator and has much harsher restrictions on citizens. The king over there is not stupid. He’s got to be thinking his days are numbered. If protests like those in Tunisia and Egypt hit Saudi Arabia, the king knows exactly what the US is gonna do. He’s probably looking for a good bolt hole right now.

You know other countries are thinking the exact same thing.

The governments over there are learning something intelligent Americans have known for years: You cannot trust the government. If the US government was a person, that person would be under maximum lockdown in a straight jacket with a IV of anti-psychotic drugs being mainlined.

When you are in a situation where you can’t trust someone much bigger, meaner and stronger than you and that other someone is looking at you the same way you look a slice of fresh apple pie, you will be nervous.

When the oil princes of the Middle East get nervous, oil prices go up. That means gasoline prices go up.

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