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Friday, February 18, 2011

Anything but neutral

Anyone remember the Anarchy on the Net campaign? You could find supporters who posted black ribbons on their websites.

They advocated an internet with no rules. Do what you want when you want and how you want. Ultimate freedom.

Do you have an opinion on that? Anything goes?

Most sane people say no, pointing to things like child porn and child molesters. Beyond that, even the sane people advocate for very few limits. A free exchange of information, they say.

What about you? Wide open spaces?

Lemme tangentially ask you this, do you think private business has the right to operate as it sees fit? In other words, can a business do business the way it wants to? Or should government force a business to act in a certain way?

Let's make this narrower. Should government force a business to act in a certain way if that business is not important to keeping people alive?

In other words, is it OK to regulate utility companies because they supply power that keeps people alive? Think very cold climates, very hot climates, people who need insulin which must stay refrigerated and so forth.

Ok, Then is it appropriate for government to regulate businesses which are not critical to survival? Say a newspaper. An appliance store. A car dealership.

Careful how you answer that. If you say it's ok to regulate non essential businesses, then you agree to government regulation (control) of all business. Do you want that? A nanny state? A totalitarian state?

Now lemme slap this upside you.

Net Neutrality. This is where an internet service provider must allow the same speed of access to everyone. In other words, the service provider cannot slow service for competitors who use the provider's lines.

Putting it a bit simpler, should Comcast be allowed to slow delivery speeds for Netflix?

I say yes. Comcast is in business to make money. Company directors decide how to best achieve this goal. If enough customers demand change, Comcast will change.

The question is, do you have the guts to demand the change? So far evidence shows most people don't.

Myself, I am against net neutrality. Let businesses run the way they wanna run. If you don't like the way your internet service provider operates, get another one or do without.

You will survive.

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