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Friday, February 18, 2011

Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya? I don't. (sigh)
As you may have come to expect, I bring you some very loaded questions today with the admonition - Careful how you answer as your answers may be used against you.

I never said it would be easy.

Now with that cheery bit of information outta the way, I ask

Do you believe in the will of the people?
If only this were reality...

By that I mean, do you think the average citizen’s wishes, wills, dictates and so forth should be followed by government?

OK. Obfuscatory question. I rephrase.

Do you believe in allowing public to hold binding votes? By that I mean do you believe in actual democracy? Binding public referendums. Democracy defined as the people make the decisions, not elected representatives.

If the citizens vote and say “THIS is the law of the land” should it be the law of the land?


What about the Constitution?

“What about it,” you say.

The Constitution has safeguards and provisions inherent to it to protect a minority group of the citizens from the dictates of a majority of the citizens. Yes huh. Read it if you don't believe me.

“Ghead Baker, throw another monkey wrench in my already sandy gears why don’t you,” you mutter.

OK. The Constitution also provides safeguards that the will of the people can be carried out.

Seems contradictory? When you understand the safeguards are in place to guard against infringements on personal rights and liberties, you see there is no contradiction.
It does not say WE THE TEA PARTY...
So I ask again, do you support the will of the people?

Let’s make this a bit less fuzzy.

A voter referendum. Pick a subject. Voters head to the polls and vote.

Liquor sales on Sunday. Abortion. Gay marriage. Sales tax. Property tax. Letting people were blue hats on Monday morning.

Should the vote stand?
A low blow? Hardly. Everyone should have the right to vote.
Gimme a yes or no. Don’t equivocate. Pick a side and stand there. If you straddle the fence, I warn you it is a bobwar fence and you are about to experience some seriously unpleasant sensations.
On second thought, g'head. Sit on this fence.

If you pick and chose, then you waffle. If you are willing to let a vote on Sunday beer sales stand and not willing to let an abortion vote stand (or even vote on the subject), then you are actually saying you are against letting the people decide. Therefore whatever referendum YOU support should not be allowed to stand either.

There’s no grey area here to me.

What say ye?

If people are given a chance to vote on an issue, should that vote be allowed to stand? No court challenges. No attempts to change the laws. Of course, you can come along next election and try to repeal the original decision. That’s only fair.
Fair means everyone gets their say.
The sad fact is the people do not have the right to determine their own fates in this nation. Prostituting lawyers out for a buck will take anything to court and challenge it. A judge or three then takes his (their) opinion and supersedes the will of the people.

I say let the people vote, let the vote stand. If you don’t like it, fire up your campaign to have it repealed come next election.

That is for gay marriage, Sunday alcohol sales, wearing blue hats on Monday, owning guns and everything else.

If the vote of the people contradicts an existing law or laws or contradicts a state constitution provision, that provision is hereby repealed, made null and thrown out.

Let the people decide.

Then, oh yes then, let them discover what it means to rule themselves. It won’t be pretty.

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