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Monday, February 7, 2011

In my continuing efforts to understand the way some people think and why I am not allowed to think the same way, I bring you an excerpt from a letter to the editor appearing in this week’s edition:
Remind you of anyone you know? 

What we don't understand is that there are a lot of black people in Turner County. Someone please tell me why are you not supporting this all black, I said all black not mixed with anything 911 director!!!!!!

The letter was typed as submitted, except we eliminated the all caps.

You can, of course, accuse me of taking the above snippet out of context.

I submit - You haven’t read the whole letter either. While not as incoherent as some letters I have received over the years, this letter is confusing to me in a number of places. Probably I’m at fault there because I lack the necessary background and raising which would otherwise enable to understand it. I was raised on a farm, you see, and as a young’s my best friends were of the high melanin content crowd. But even that is probably a racist statement.
You have my apologies, if you needed one.
That said, examine the sentiment so expressed.

The writer is stating the present  director should be supported because of her ethnicity by people of the same ethnicity. at least that’s my opinion of the statement. (There is also the issue of a DNA test to back up the letter writer’s claim.)

Is this racist?

I demand support for a person because of that’s person ethnicity. Is this racist?
Enlarged for to make it easier for you to determine who is racist.

If it is racist for one person to act a certain way, is it racist when someone else acts the same way?

G’head and set the rules. I’ll work on making sure everyone plays by the rules in the same manner.
Addenda: Always bring a knife to a gun fight, after making sure you have a bigger gun and more ammunition than the other person. After you win the fight you can go out and have a steak to celebrate and cut the steak with your own knife.

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