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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The mastication mambo

A good while back I penned a list of the critters whose flesh I have partaken of. It was as comprehensive as I could remember at the time. If you really wanna read it, I will TRY to dig out.

Now comes this story. While the idea of munching a crocodilian is quite appetizing to me, a number of folks will turn their nose up at this. Why, I do not know.

At the Fire Ant Festival some years we have a guy who sells Gator on a Stick. He sells a LOT of it. Our local grocery store periodically carries gator chunks in the frozen food section. I'm personally responsible for the demise of a few gators, all but one of which wound up feeding people. The one which did not feed people escaped and died - the corpse was later found floating.

Anyway, some people are gonna be highly offended by the idea the food bank is handing out gator to hungry people.


What are you doing to feed hungry people?

These gators were farmed-raised and destined for the meat market. Does this bother you?

Would it make a difference if the gators were wild caught?

Have you ever eaten alligator meat?

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  1. This is one wild critter that I will more than happily eat! I like it fried up and dunked in a little cocktail sauce!


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