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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Taken from the blog immediately above -

But the guys on AFR continued to say the agenda these folks push is a bad thing, particularly where such items as abortion and homosexuality are concerned. They repeatedly pointed to the Bible to back up their assertions. They repeatedly said American cannot be great unless God is involved. (Please call this paragraph “Statement” as this will make what follows easier to follow.)


Sorry. Had to get that out.

So lemme address Statement.

1) “We have no permanent allies, only permanent issues.” A former director of the NAACP said this. He meant the group must ally itself with other groups that support the same issue, while understanding the NAACP might later oppose the other group.
Ya takes ya friends where ya gets 'em

AFA has permanent issues. If it goes about seeking allies, it will take them where it finds them. If it continues to insist on isolation, it will be isolated and become a radical fringe element.

However, AFA is correct in what it is doing, Biblically at least. Most of the time. The Bible is very clear about accepting allies which do not hold to the same values across the board in the Old Testament. Yet in the New Testament, Jesus speaks of accepting others regardless of their faults and flaws. That concept is one far too many Christians miss.
GET 'EM UDO! Accept. An 80s metal band and one of my favorite bands. All right, so I'm stretching this one.
2) Abortion is not specifically addressed in the Bible. Interpretations of the Bible condemn the act of abortion.

I have a liberal friend who once commented about people who oppose abortions. “I don’t see them lining up to adopt these children.”

If the truth hurts, you ain’t living right.

If you oppose abortion, are you willing to adopt these children? Biracial? Handicapped?

If you are not willing to adopt such children, then don’t bother discussing abortion with me.
Put up or Shut up.
If you are willing to adopt such children, why haven’t you? Either put your money where your mouth is or don’t bring the subject up to me.

3) Homosexuality IS addressed specifically in the Bible. It is called “abomination” to God. So are a lot of other things, which are often left out when discussions of abominations are brought up. Why? Because those busy running around throwing stones are guilty of doing or at least accepting the other abominations. Regardless, the New Testament also deals with how to handle homosexuals. And fat people. And arrogant people. And false prophets. And people who are stubborn. And people who pervert the word of God. And a whole lotta other things the guys at AFR are (by their own on-air admission) guilty of. I’ve never heard them wail and rail about these “sins” the way they do homosexuality.
You know it's funny.
4) The Bible is a complex document. VERY complex. I’ve read it several times and get something new each time I read it. I have yet to understand all of it. I have heard MANY preachers take the Bible and come up with a different understanding than I have on the same bit of writing. I’ve also heard MANY preachers take the Bible and be mistaken about what it says as they speak from the pulpit.

5) I do believe America will not be great unless God is involved. I do not believe America should become a theocracy. Theocrats is just another word for dictator with the added problem that some dictators can be reasoned with. You cannot reason with a religious zealot, especially one with complete control over the people he leads.

The problem is Christians FAR too often take parts of the Bible and apply it as they wish. It’s what the AFR roundtable did. Pick and choose Christianity.

The problem with that is Christians forget to pick the most important part. Jesus instructed use to Love one another. Agape. The kind of love that says “I’m willing to die for you.” The kind of love that says “You have faults, but so do I so can we move along now?” The kind of love that says “I’m not hear to judge, I’m here to help.” The kind of love that says “Together, we can do anything.” The kind of love that says “Yes. You are welcome here, you are worthy, you have something to contribute and you will be allowed to participate.”
What part of UNCONDITIONAL is confusing?

It’s the kind of love that reaches out with the kind of Hug that Doc offers everyone.

Sigh. One of these days I hope to find a church like that. Haven’t yet, so I’m still looking.

If churches and church members today wonder why membership is declining, why people eschew church and its services, then they have moved away from the Message, see above.

People want to belong. Too many churches today are in the business of excluding, not including.

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