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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Simple solutions

Most of the time a simple solution can be found to a problem.

Simple does not mean pleasant.

I have sort of been following the ever increasing algae bloom in South Florida with much amusement.

Residents of the south end of what me best bud Tom calls "The Limp State" are demanding government do something about this.

Residents, who caused the problem, want someone else to bail them out.

The problem is South Florida is a swamp. As the NGS story says, it was once called a "river of grass." In order to make homes for people who object to skeeters, gators and other wildlife that look at humans like we are buffet, the 'Glades were dammed, diverted, drained, blocked and otherwise dried up.

The natural filtering system was destroyed.

Now, algae is taking over.

There is a simple solution.

Cut the 143-mile dam. Let the water run free. That's the ONLY expenditure of my tax dollars that I'm willing to invest. Those people who insist on living there can either move or live in the restored swamp. They created the problem by moving there. They can either pay to straighten it out to their satisfaction or live with it. And, they will not be able to straighten it out.

Simple does not mean you will like it. Simple means easy. 

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