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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Colquitt County's coach "The Win Doctor" as I call him, got his one year suspension reduced to a reprimand.

Coach Rush Propst head butted a player last season. Player was wearing a helmet. Propst wasn't. Coach got a slight cut on his forehead.

Some people went ballistic.

It's football. Get over it.

Shag, my brother continually says every time this comes up that Propst is a teacher, an educator first.

Yeah, he is. What does he teach? At Colquitt County he is paid to coach football. Nothing else. No classes. Football coach.

"Propst is a teacher, an educator first."

What. Does. He. Teach.?

Football. What is football? A sport in which players run as fast as they can and slam into each other.

"Propst is a teacher, an educator first."

And how many other classes at the high school teach students to run at full speed and slam into each other?

How do teachers most effectively communicate? Lead by example maybe? Wow, what a concept.

If you expect a math teacher to teach math without showing how to solve equations, you are delusional.

Propst is an employee of the Colquitt County Board of Education. He is employed to teach football. That means he is employed to teach kids how to run at full speed and slam into each other. You can argue things like sportsmanship, life lessons and whatever else you like. I'm OK with that. It still comes down to running into people.

Football is violence. Argue whatever you like and however you like. Teaching people to run at full speed and slam into someone is violence. If it ain't please explain to me what that action is. I may be confused.

I'm going with reality here, not what should be, what might be or what some people may want.

Propst is hired to teach kids to run at full speed and slam into each other. He keeps this job by making sure these kids do it better than any other high school football team in the state.

If this happened in ANY other class (well, boxing, martial arts and stuff excepted), students would be sanctioned.

He wins. He keeps his job. Period. End of story, end of discussion where reality is concerned. If you want to discuss flights of fantasy, that's different.

Football coaches make physical contact with players regularly. Watch ANY high school football game on the sidelines. Watch what the coaches and players do. What they do on the sidelines would result in charges being filed it if happened in Shag's Latin class. What they do on the FIELD would result in charges being filed in Shag's Latin class.

Propst got singled out because he wins games and he leaked a little blood. Jealousy and some disgust.

Kids get on the field and break limbs, tear connective tissue. Protests? Hello?

Here comes that f'dangin' annoying thing that keeps getting in the way - reality.

Football players play football and expect physical contact. It has to happen. Some of them (like me when I played eons ago), liked to get to a full run and slam into someone. Get knocked down, get up and do it again.

If you played and love the game, you understand that. If you played and loved the game, what Propst did was absolutely, positively and without question, unremarkable.

Yes, "Propst is a teacher, an educator first" but don't lose sight of what he teaches. He is not teaching kids how to do quadratic equations. All the rules of History class cannot be applied to football, nor can the reverse happen. Quit trying to do it, unless you want to eliminate football.

It is a different world.

One more point and I'm out. This whole thing, all of it from Shag's Latin classes to the football games is about the kids. Period. If the kids didn't like and respect Propst, they wouldn't be on the field. He has got to be teaching them something they want to learn. Now you can discuss sportsmanship, rules and etc. because he teaches that too.

By the standards of what Propst teaches, he is one of the most successful teachers in the nation. Think about that.

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