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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Claim everything or claim nothing


Yes. They do. Here's a pretty comprehensive report on law enforcement shooting. Devastating.

Here's something to think about. If we are, rightfully so, going to raise justifiable hell about this, then to apply daffodils we must also be raising even more hell about other far more serious matters in this same vein.

This article tackles this very issue head-on. And gets flattened to one atom-thickness by the steamroller.

We can see grieving mothers whose son was killed by LEO. We can see grieving mothers whose son was killed in gang violence. This author refuses to admit the greatest threat to a young black man's life is another young black man. Refuses to admit that exists. Eh. You can read the article.

Anyway, we do not see stunning calls to "Burn this bitch down!" when gang members kill each other. Why?

How is one murder different from another?

Well, yes, an LEO-committed murder is done by the very people who are supposed to protect us from violence.

And yet, two people on opposing gangs have no problem killing each other. These two gang members are the very people #BlackLivesMatter is trying to save.

How is one death different from another when bodies are on the ground? Is the death less permanent, less painful for the family if the deceased is kill by a gang member v. LEO? Does a person killed by a gang member get different treatment in the hereafter v. one killed by LEO? Is a life taken by a gang member less important than a life taken by LEO?

How is one murder different from another? If a person is murdered, how does the ethnicity of the killer? Frame your answer based on the fact that one young #BlackLivesMatter man is far far far more likely to kill another young #BlackLivesMatter man than an LEO.

Where is the outrage? Where are the demands for FBI and Justice Department investigations? Where are the people who will take to the streets and riot? Where are the people who will cross the country to participate in the demonstration?

I ain't seeing any.

How is this fair?

Lemme use an analogy.

Imagine 1 person. Age, race, gender, all that is irrelevant. It is a human being.

This one person is covered with melanomas. This person also refuses to admit melanoma exists and so, will not seek treatment.

This person also gets heat stroke; no AC in house. The person dies from heat stroke on the way to the hospital.

The family goes into hysterics about the lack of airconditioning, the injustice of the power company, the refusal of the community to help, the ambulance service and on and on and on.

Melanoma is never, ever mentioned.

#BlackLivesMatter. Beyond question, yes. That segment of our community has higher history of mistreatment by LEO than other segments. This is absolutely wrong and must be addressed.

Let's get back to the heatstroke analogy.

Heatstroke can kill a person. Heat stroke usually does not kill a person. Most people who get heat stroke get over it.

Melanoma, left untreated, is 100 percent fatal. It can be treated and removed. The person so treated can go on to live for decades.

We must address the problem of heatstroke. It will save lives.

But the far bigger problem is melanoma.

#Blacklives matter. They certainly do. But that's not addressing the bigger problem, a worse problem.

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  1. The problem as I see it, is that, in the instance of Gang Violence, everyone admits that there is a problem and that something needs to be done about it. (Yes Everyone. Despite what many people claim, Non-Gang Blacks are working hard in their own communities to try and fix the problem.) No one is arguing that bad guys aren't killing their own people and making life a living hell for everyone. However when it comes to Cops murdering people (note no mention of color here.), the majority of White people don't even want to admit it is happening and the ones that do try to rationalize and justify it. (They shouldn't have resisted, they should have been more polite etc.) The people in power marginalize these murders and defend the murderers. So until White People admit that there is a problem and work with other communities to try and fix the problem, it is pretty obvious to most people that #alllivesmatter is a lie.


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