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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Outraged at the lack of outrage

Rosa Parks was not the first "black" woman to defy the law and sit on the front of the bus.

Claudette Colvin takes that title, but we don't talk about her. Why?

Further, neither Ms. Colvin nor Ms. Parks said "burn this bitch down" after being arrested. OK, so no one was killed. But neither of these ladies trashed the bus they were on either.


Now comes word that a certain segment of our society must move to the back.

Apparently, #BlackLivesMatter after all. Whoda thunk it?

'Scuse me. Hadda step back from the keyboard a moment and calm down. A string of colorful and creative language threatened to erupt.

"Move to the back."

Sorry. Had to step back again. Trying to keep this blog family-friendly, but it's proving difficult on this Thursday morning.

Imagine instead of this woman standing up telling "whites" to move to the back, it was me standing in the back of that truck telling "blacks" to move to the back. So, riot much?

This is complete, utter and total fertilizer of the highest grade. This woman, as well-meaning as she may be, is perpetuating the very idea she claims to be fighting against.

"Move to the back."

Racism is truly color blind. It's practiced equally by people of all skin hues.

"Move to the back."

Apparently a certain segment of our society is not worthy enough to stand on the front lines of a protest. That is exactly what this woman said. "Move to the back."

It is BS like this which makes me want to move to the back and keep on going until I put these fools so far out of my view they don't exist anymore.

"Move to the back" separates us. Divides us. Splits us. This plays right into the hands of the people who want a separated society.

United, we stand. If divided, we will fall and be conquered. Where do you stand?

If you support what this woman said, then how about you moving your choose-your-emotional-state ass to the back and let those of us trying to make things right do the work. After all, that's truly what you want, i.e. someone else to do the work. 


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