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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Claim everything or claim nothing 3

Part III

#BlackLivesMatter. Yes, as I have repeatedly said, they do.

However, #BlackLivesMatter seeks to put the burden of the problem it identifies on society at large. Good enough. That may be where it deserves to be.

However, #BlackLivesMatter is steadfastly ignoring the problems within the community it claims to represent. Nowhere near good enough.

If #Blacklivesmatter is serious, then it needs to start taking ownership for the problems created by those it represents.

How is it fair to raise hell about someone else's actions when your own actions are worse?

How is it fair to blame others and not accept your own shortcomings?

How can a person ignore his own faults and trumpet the fault in another?

Is it fair to kill a person simply because of their chosen and legal career? Did the officers who've been recently killed mistreat anyone? Or, are they guilty by association? If we are to declare guilt by association and execute people, where does it stop?

This article purports to explode some myths about #BlackLivesMatter.

Call me whatever you like, but Lil Ed and I have the same opinion on this one "First I Look at the Purse." In other words, "Follow the money." Where the heart goes, the body will follow.

Myth 1 addressed: Then where are the protests? Where are the mass demonstrations? Where is the retaliation against gangs?

The point about racially segregated housing is absolutely valid. It also goes the other way. White neighborhoods are also segregated, but have less crime.

Why? How do you account for this disparity? Where is the difference? How does this disparity happen?

How can we change this?

Myth 2: No argument, but questions applied to No. 1 apply.

Myth 3: Ayup. Agreed. See questions on No. 1.

Myth 4: Concurrence. See questions on No. 1.

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