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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Livin' la vida reality

Today's mindless blathering was inspired by this article.

Disclaimer: Didn't read the whole thing. Not gonna read the whole. Not interested in reading the whole thing.


One of the things I do is teach 10th graders in our school system. One lesson, once a year. Hit every 10th grader, or at least those who show up for class that day.

The Real Game of Life.

I could not find it online, which is not surprising. The other RGOL is a board game. The version taught here is not a parody or a board game. It's an in-yer-face explanation of what life is. The school system here may be the only one left that still uses it. (Side note: If you'd like me to come teach this at your school, message me. We'll work it out. Depending on the distance, I may need gas money, but that's all I will take.)

Does it work? Dunno.

Students have run out of the room crying.

Students have gone home and talked to their parents about the class.

Students have talked about the class two weeks later.

Does it work? Dunno. Make the effort anyway.

What do we talk about? I tell the kids they have choices once they leave high school. Among the choices:

• Dark street corner pharmacist.

• Stripper.

• Graveyard shift motel clerk.

• Military.

• Registered nurse.

• Aboveboard business owner.

In. Your. Face.

Another thing I tell the kids, the world is run by old fat white guys who hate tattoos. (and now you may know why the story linked above inspired these ramblings).

"You don't have to like it. It is true," I tell 'em.

I point to millionaires from ethnic minorities. "Where do you think they got the money to start their businesses?"

Then, I point out the world's richest man is an ethnic minority, at least he would be in the US. Certainly on the global scale, he is a minority. Those millionaires I mentioned a moment ago? They are still millionaires.

If the truth hurts, yer living wrong.

At some point I tell the kids to go forth and fail. Fail often, I say. Because when you fail, it means you are trying. Those who never try, never fail. Babe Ruth is remembered for his home runs. He also ranks high on the list of All Time Strikeouts.

The central message is: YOU control your life. Go forward. Do. Accomplish. Fail and get up and do something else. Succeed. Never quit pushing.


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