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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Claim everything or claim nothing 4

Writing pieces like this series engender a lot of hate mail. Why? How is that showing support for #BlackLivesMatter?

Go back and read the earlier posts. You'll find a plea for information. A request for explanation. A prayer for enlightenment.

Some will complain about the way the questions are asked.

Then, how can I better frame the questions? How should I ask for information? How do I go about understanding?

There are, then, a few ways to go from here.

1) Explain. Help me understand. Ignorance is curable. Do you have a cure for mine?

2) Go Ad hominem. "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." Issac Asimov. Impugning a person's character, slinging insults and degrading a person is violence. Go there if you need to.

How does that help me or anyone else understand? How can we understand if people hurl insults instead of offer explanations?

3) Say, "The information is out there. Go educate yourself." Where? How do I find it? How do the articles, studies and opinion pieces relate to you? Do these other people speak fully, wholly and 100 percent for you? Should I take everything these other people say as absolutely you? If these other people say one thing you disagree with, how am I to know? How do I know which you agree with and which you don't?

If you tell me I can't understand, then demand that I understand, how can I understand? How is this fair to me?

If you intend to beat me up over things I do not understand and if you will not explain when I ask, then do not be surprised if you come to beat me one day and I fight back.

3) Say "you can't understand." This may be the case. Perhaps it will be impossible for me (and so many like me) to understand. If that is the case, then it's time to quit shoving it in our faces. A dog cannot do calculus. If you beat the dog for failure to do calculus, then the dog will not understand, will grow to fear you and some day may decide it's had enough and turn to attack you.

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