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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rose colored glasses

NOTE - I have edited and reformatted this repeatedly. I'd done with reformatting. 

Did you read "1984," the novel by George Orwell? Fascinating book. The only thing he got wrong was a single party system. Well, no he was not wrong. He was right. He just didn't imagine something could be called by two different names and be the exact same thing.

We have a single party system in the US. It just goes by two names.

This week cemented that notion. Anyone who did not see that Bernie Sanders would endorse, support and beg his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton has not been paying attention for years and has not paid attention to history.

I have great friends who pulled hard for Sanders and refused to believe he'd tow and toe the party line. They just did not pay attention. Sanders has spent his adult life as a politician. Sanders has spent his adult life being an ever-growing cog in the political machine. His side of the cog was stamped D and the other side R. He had no choice, unless he intended to betray everything he spent a lifetime supporting, building and working for.

The other side of this cog, Trump, is showing the cracks slightly more than than the D side. Make no mistake, it's the same device. Whether these cracks will continue to grow or the oligarchy can effect a repair remains to be seen.

My money is on repair, albeit a Bandaid. I've seen too many people fall back into line like so many automatons. "Carry on subject, carry on. We'll do the thinking for you. Don't worry your pretty little head. You just come over here and push this rock up this hill, please."

I admit to huge, massive and incredible-to-me disappointment. I guess in that respect, I'm no different than so many of my friends. I refused to accept reality. I refused to believe so many of my very intelligent friends would eagerly leap when ordered to get back in line.

One of the speakers at the DNC said, "Can I just say to the Bernie supporters, you are being ridiculous."

Another speaker said, "Hand over your money, jobs and your children's future..." It was an attack on Trump, but it is also the oligarchy party line.

And the deafening silence of people falling like dominoes was the sound of change not happening.

The single party plans to:

• Increase government

• Increase spending

• Raise taxes

• Restrict rights

• Expand the wars we are in

Today, I am about as sad as I have ever been. Today's disappointment ... well yeah.

I will give him this. He did one of the best carnival barker sales jobs on the public that has ever been seen. "Right this way friends and neighbors! Come in and see the great dual-visage homunculus so bloated that perambulation and continued existence is contraindicated and indeed impossible without a parasitic attachment on a host that eagerly demands such a vampiric attachment even unto death! Right this way, friends and neighbors, and never mind the cost because an opportunity like this comes only once per your lifetime!"

The cog grinds right along, both sides moving in unison because it has to. So many people refuse to see this reality. 

At 50 years old, I should know better than to believe what I did. The hell of it is, I'm going to continue believing people will wake up and see the truth before them.

I'm looking through one side of the rose color glasses and so many are looking through the other side. All we see is each other desperately hoping the other will switch sides.

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