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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Coming in like a wrecking ball

This is a phrase from a comment made on Facebook today " might as well tattoo STUPID on your kid's face."

I can imagine comments that engender more disgust and rage. I have made such comments in the past.

It's a comment that appeals directly to the gut. A laser scalpel to excise logic, reason and adult discourse from any discussion. Again, been there, done that. Dammit.

How about this meme?

Atheists, at least the ones I talk with on a regular basis, hold logic, empiricism and rationality to be the standard. They argue against religions with SCIENCE! and facts.

And then, comes something like this. Belittle those who believe in a religious faith. Reduce them to cartoon clowns. Humiliate them because of a tenet of their faith.

Want more examples. Look at any social media.

The hell of it is there are people who fly off the handle when their friends are insulted, but have no issues whatsoever to firing profanity laden tirades at other people. Then, these same people complain about the lack of respect, civility and decorum.

We had a saying when I was working in the watermelon fields a young'un.

Don't start none, won't be none.

If you have to resort to insults, snide comments and petty observations to make your point, then how valid is your point?

Yeah, I've done it. It makes me mad. I work really hard to avoid doing it now. I've actually got up and walked away rather than let my emotions run roughshod over me. I need to do this more often.

Lemme leave you with a parting thought in the form of a video.


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