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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mining your wallet for treasure

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

This is not a religious column, but that's a great place to start.

Or as Smokey Robinson and Bobby Rogers put it, "First, I look at the purse."

Another good place to start.

To splain':

Hillary Clinton recently said she favors a protectionist trade system for the US because she is tired of other countries sending products to the US and selling them for less than US workers can produce 'em.

"I am sick and tired of us having an open market where everybody gets to sell to us and they often do it at lower costs undercutting our workers, our businesses. That's not fair and it's not and it's not right," she said at a recent campaign stop.

In other words, her sphincter is torqued because a Bangladesh-made shirt (looked at the label in one of my shirts) can sell for $5 here (mine were $12 each) while an American-made shirt sells for $10. She's irked because Americans are buying the cheaper shirts. This is just an example and the specifics may be wrong.

Anyone else upset about this? Anyone else PO'd that other countries can sell their products here for less than Americans can make them?

Trump says much the same thing. He's got a twisted backside over the same issue.

Anyone mad? Anyone want to demand foreign products have to be sold for about the same price as American products?

Lemme ask a better question.

When you buy something and you have a choice between a higher-priced American made product and a less expensive foreign-made product, which do you buy?

Where is your treasure? When you open your wallet and lay down the money, where is it going?

If you are truly upset that other countries can sell their products cheaper than US makers, then quit buying stuff made in other countries.

I've pointed this out to many, many people. I've pointed out these cheap foreign goods mean no jobs for Americans making the same item. A reaction I got from a woman in Turner County nails this one.

"I don't care. I can afford it (the foreign-made products)."

The problem is not with free trade deals. The problem is not with low tariffs on imported goods.

The problem is people who refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions.

If you want American jobs and American manufacturing and more American goods in the stores, then buy American made.

Say whatever you want to. Where and how you spend your money tells the truth.

If the truth hurts, yer not living right.

Maybe it's time to make your actions meet your words. Now there's a radical concept you won't hear Trump or Clinton say and really mean it.


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