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Friday, January 22, 2016

Problems from the start - Part 9

We're getting closer. I promise.

My last question asked if you want majority rule. Do you?

Are you willing to abide by the rule of the group? How big does the group have to be? No qualifiers allowed, beyond group size.

You are in a group of 100 people. If 51 agree to do something, will you accept it? No qualifiers, no addenda, no context. You have all the information needed to make a decision. Yes or no.

You can't say, it depends, because it does not.

Vary the group size. 10 people. 1,000 people. 300 million. 7 billion. 3.

Are you willing to accept the decision of the majority?

If you agree to majority rule, then what about the minority? If a majority says the minority has no rights, then what?

Say you are in a group of 300 million people. You have 2 TVs. 150,000,001 decide to take one of your TVs and give it to someone else who does not have a TV. Change the majority vote to whatever you want, up to and including 299,999,999 to 1. You are the only person to vote no.

Under that last instance, you'll be giving up a TV, like it or not. With that many people allied against you, your 2nd TV is gone. You may protest. Tough.

Majority rule means majority rule.

What if those 299,999,999 people decide you have to die?

You are dead.

Power matters. Power defeats rights every time.

If you agree that the minorities' TVs can't be taken away, how will you stop the TV removal? If enough power sides against you, your TV is gone. Their TV is gone.

Never mind owning a TV is an absolute right.

Might makes right. Argue that all you want to, but the reality is, might makes right. Don't like it? Enough might permanently eliminates you from the equation.

You, as an individual or a group, come to take my TV. You shoot incapacitating gas grenades into my house. When I am knocked out, you take my TV and leave. If I say I am coming to my TV, you respond with even greater force to prevent me from attempting to get it back.

You can only fight until you are dead. Bring enough power to bear on the matter, and you won't have much ability, if any, to fight back.

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