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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Problems from the start - Part 5

Some people say the right to own a TV is equal to actually owning a TV.

If that is case, then who supplies the TVs?


Ooooo, now we've just hit something square between the eyes. Let's find out what.

Does government have rights?

Some people say yes. Then how and where does government get these rights. These same people say "from the people."

These people are wrong on two counts.

1) Government cannot have rights. Government is a concept, an idea. A concept cannot have rights. An idea exists only in the mind of beings that think.

2) Government is a group takes its abilities, not rights, from power. Without power, government is impotent. Government as a group is able to control and rule because it can bring overwhelming force against individuals and other groups to make them submit or kill them. Period.

Every government is a group and manages rule because it has power. Power, incidentally, that is supposed to come from the people. It's power the people do not have.

A group of people have no more rights than a single individual.

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