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Monday, January 18, 2016

Problems from the start - Part 6

Let's accept for a moment that the people who say government gets rights from the people are correct.

Now I go back to my first post on this matter.

Can you give away something you don't own?

Can I take something you don't have and give it to someone else?

One person does not have the right to take my TV.

If a group has the right to take my TV, how big does that group have to be? Two? Three? A dozen? As the group gets bigger does it automatically get more and stronger rights?

That still sounds ludicrous, but that's what government is doing.

It's taking your TV and giving it to someone else because the ability to own a TV is a right and government has the responsibility and the right to make sure you have a TV.

It is this simple. It is as simple as TV set. Period. You can make it a lot more complicated, but a TV set is enough.

Do you have the right to give someone a TV? Certainly.

Do you have the right to take my TV and give it to someone? Under the concept of government, you do. Further, this eliminates MY right to own a TV.

This is a central and compelling contradiction of government.

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