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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Problems from the start - Part 10

Now we've hit the fundamental problem.

You have the right to own a TV. You do not have the right to take someone else's TV.

But government has the ability, which becomes a right de facto and de juri, to take your TV.

You never had the right to take my TV. Yet, acting from a base of power of individuals, government achieves the ability to take my TV and I have no recourse.

So another question (I lied about post 9 having the last question.)

Does a group have more rights than an individual?

I say no, existentially. A group has more power than an individual to enforce its decisions. The more power the group has, the more it can force its decisions on others, including less powerful groups.

That's not the same as a right.

You may have rights. But power eliminates your rights, whether you like it or not. The more power that is brought against you, the less rights you have.

When a person or a group begins to exercise power over someone else, this is government.

Government is an exercise of power designed to take away your rights. Government may claim to protect your rights, but it does so at the expense of someone else's rights.

Why is your right to own a TV greater than my right to own a TV and indeed have two TVs? It's that simple. No context, qualifiers or addenda needed. A simple TV set, two of them. Something not vital for survival and something many people (me included) live without.

Yet, I have the right to own a TV and even own more than one.

Government can come and take my TV. You say I do have recourse. Have you ever fought the government. I have no effective recourse to get my TV back if government decides I should not have it.

How can government have a right that you, as an individual, do not have?

Either the individual has rights or the group with the most power has power to take your rights. There is no in between. If the group with the most power has enough power, then individuals have only what the powerful concede.

Again, does a group with power have more rights than an individual? The reality is, government means the ability of the most powerful are the only points that matter. You may object. History proves you wrong over and over until this reaches the level of unassailable fact.

Government is only a concept and an idea. Like any idea, religion included, it is inert until humans take the notion into their head. They use the idea to justify their actions.

Meantime, you have taken my TV without any right to do so. You have brought me harm and I have no recourse.

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