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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gonna deep fry his butt

How do you know when you're doing it right?

When a politician starts whining and wants to impose new laws on you.

S. Carolina State Rep. Mike Pitts, R-Laurens, is one of those. Mr. Laurens is tired of being held accountable for his actions in office and he's trying to something to make those hateful people go away. Check it out.

Some people may not have a problem with this registry. Fortunately, the First Amendment is pretty clear about it. Government, and that includes whiny little boys like Pitts (what an accurate last name, eh?) from interfering with reporters.

Fortunately too the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that First Amendment rights afforded to those of us in journalism ALSO apply to you. Yes, you, the person reading this column. It even applies to butt-hurt politicians like Pitts.

Under Pitts' plan, every person who comes into S. Carolina would have to be effectively "registered" as a journalist. Every one. Why? Cause every person has the right and the ability to be a journalist. Increasingly more and more people are doing it. This column? When you click one of the ads, I get paid. Ergo, I am paid to write this column.

You can sign up at blogspot and so the same thing.

Further, there are a LOT of people who function as journalists without getting paid. I have a bunch of people in my lil town of Ashburn, GA who write for and take pictures for the paper I run. They do not get paid, in the financial sense. They do it for love of the kids and love of the community.

Dunno about you, but if you are like me and tired of politicians acting like someone stepped on their pet frog, here's what ya do. Tell him. Send him a link to this column.

Or, call him. Your choice.

Business Phone (803) 734-2830
Home Phone (864) 923-2925

Home Address

372 Bucks Point Rd.
Laurens SC 29360

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