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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Problems from the start - Part 3

I hope you read Parts 1 and 2. My apologies for making your headparts hurt as Rebel likes to say.

Let's clarify this a bit and back up some.

What is a right? Who has a right? Where does it come from?

Here's my explanation: A right is something inherent. You have a right because you exist. It comes from you because you are you.

This is a tautology. I can't find a way to break the circle.  I have to say everything has a beginning and prior to that, nothing existed.

For this blog, a right is the bedrock on which everything else must be based. There is no lower common denominator. The right is the smallest unit of matter, so to speak. There was and is nothing before the right. Much comes after it.

So what rights do you have? I'd say you have the right to try but not the right to harm others. I think that covers most everything.

Let's go back to a part 2. Do you have the right to own a TV?

That's the whole question. No context, no qualifiers, no addendums or additions.

Make this simple. You do have the right to own a TV. Good enough.

Now we experience actual, concrete problems. We have left the existential and metaphysical and entered the real world.

You have the right to own a TV. So where do you get it from?

Do you have the right to take it from someone else?

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