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Monday, January 25, 2016

Problems from the start - Part 11

So now we finally have the fundamental problem.

Your right to be without harming me. My right to be without you harming me.

Your right and my right cannot be absolute. Or can they? Your right and my right should be absolute. Or should they?

This is the problem from the start.

How do we balance these?

Lemme make this basic.

Your right to breathe means you are taking in oxygen I need. You exhale. When you exhale, you discharge all manner of things (follow these links!):

• Moisture

Body cells

Dangerous microbes

This doesn't even count the substances you inhale and then exhale.

Do you have the right to breathe?

Do I have the right to not breathe in your waste products?

See the problem?

This is further compounded by government. Government can't have rights. Government doesn't exist in a purely physical sense like you and me. Yet, government takes our rights.

JMSIII and Greg have posted two excellent comments about this series in the FB links.

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