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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Problems from the start - Part 8

If you don't have the right to take my TV, then how did government get this right?

Yes, government can take your TV. It's called eminent domain. Eminent domain is not a right, but a power. It has morphed into a right.

So how did government get the right to take my TV? You never had the right to take my TV, yet you effectively granted government the right to take my TV.

This is a tautology.

I also call it magic. Something is created from nothing.

You don't and never did have the right to take my TV. Yet you can grant this right to government.

So maybe majority rule? If enough people get together and say "This is the way it is," then we have to accept that?

Power corrupts.

So, do you really want majority rule? Think about that. Really hard.

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