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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Problems from the start - Part 7

People believe that government has rights.

How? Why?

Government, they say, gets these rights from the people.

Government is two things:

• A concept. Concepts cannot have rights.

• A group of people. A group of people can have rights.

In reality, government is nothing more than a group of people with enough power to make individuals and groups submit or be killed.

Do you have the right to kill me? Do I have the right to kill you? That's the whole question. No qualifiers, addenda or context added.

Government has this ability, some will say a right, to kill me, to kill you, to kill anyone else it sees fit.

Yes. The US government is, even as you read this, busy killing people in other nations. Other nations are busy killing people in different nations. The US government also allows capital punishment for crimes other than murder.

Where did government get this ability? Abdication. We as citizens abdicated. We handed over our rights to a concept, an idea. We gave up our rights to a block of people in the name of government.

I can't just kill you without facing legal repercussions. You can't just kill me without repercussions. Government can kill either or both of us, carte blanche.

So going back to my TV idea, why does government have the right to take my TV, but you don't?

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