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Friday, March 4, 2011

No appeal

I just finished writing a rather mammoth story about a dog owner who has appealed as decision to declare his dog dangerous.

The dog is accused of attacking a 3 YOA and the child's dad.

Can you say death sentence?

The owner never actually denied the attack took place, never denied the dog won't attack people, contradicted himself and well, generally made a pretty good confusing mess of his position on the whole matter in my opinion.

What is clear: He bought the dog for protection and cannot fully control the dog. He said the dog was bred to be a guard dog and bred to attack people.

Dogs bred and trained to be attack dogs will always be that. I don't care who you are or what you say, you can never fully trust an attack dog.
Get yours in first.
My reading on the appeal, which I sat through and took notes on? The dog is dangerous.

The dog has, according to law enforcement, attacked a child.

Dunno about you, but where I live that is a death sentence. I had my own dog shot for attacking a child not much out of the toddler stage. When I was about 8, a dog attacked me. 40+ stitches in the scalp.

The owner killed the dog less than 2 minutes after I was attacked. 12 gauge.

In the appeal I covered, the man who was attacked told the owner he wanted the dog killed. My initial reaction is I would have killed the dog right off right then, but I am now reminded of the Old Man's dog which lept at and nipped Susan, my daughter. in the face.

I urged OM to kill the dog right then, but he would not have anything do with that. I assured him if a second attack took place I would kill the dog right then, right there and be done with it. He could either accept it or not.

Looking back, I should have killed that damn dog that night. Had Susan been small, like the 3 YOA, I would have killed the dog.

I can live with a dog which bites an adult, especially one trespassing.

When the kids were little we had a cocker spaniel. It bit an adult which the dog didn't know and who got between the dog and my kids.

Now that kind of dog I like. It's protecting the ones which need protecting, the little ones. That's a good kind of dog.

Last week I was chased by a dog as I cruised past on a motorcycle. I didn't turn around, that time. In another neighborhood a Blue Heeler chased me a few times. Then I stopped, parked the bike, pulled my pistol and headed toward the dog, intending to kill it if if charged me. The dog backed off and has not chased me since.

You may say I'm harsh and cruel. Tell that to a young'un who has been mauled by a dog. Tell that to the parents of the child who was mauled.

If you own a dog good. I'll have another some day. But if you can't or won't control your dog and I'm around, I'm going to kill it.

Children are worth more than a dog.

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