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Monday, March 14, 2011

Fire away!

I take a page today from others who have written before me.  Prove me wrong. Your comments will stand and I won't reply immediately unless you ask me to reply. I reserve the right to consider your comments and possibly address them some weeks from now, especially if you change my mind.

G'head. Do it. Gimme your best shot. Fire away. Aim high, aim low, doesn't matter. Hammer time. You can even post anonymously.

I could call people out - those who read my musings because it raises their blood pressure, those people who vehemently disagree with me and tell me so privately and not so privately. But no, that's not what I want.

You have the opportunity now, no personal goading or challenges. What you do with it, aye that is up to you.

I've been proven wrong before. I have changed my opinion in the face of evidence. I adapt to changing circumstances. I modify my stance to fit circumstances.

The question is, do I do so enough? Am I too hidebound? Too dogmatic? Can I see reason and the other side?

Some of you may say I won't listen to the other side and the voice of reason. Ok, am I deluding myself? Lemme have it.

Lemme hear it.

Pick a topic. Doesn't matter to me. Abortion. Gay marriage. Unions. States rights. Inividual rights. Race and racism. Personal accountability. Hunting. Fishing. Taxes. Budgets. Religion. Faith. Atheism. Guns. Raising kids. Schools. Haircuts. Politicians - you can be as specific as Tundra Barbi or as general as a major political party. Lawyers. The South. The north. Iraq. Iran. Canada (have I written anything about Canada?). Immigration legal and illegal. Gimme something you think I've written about which you disagree with.

I'm not pushing for a fight here. I am genuinely interested in what the opposition has to say.

There is no doubt in my mind that I'm always right.

I'm not.

I do wonder how often I am wrong. I know that I am a writer of some talent, but I'm not so good I can convince everyone.

Everything that grows encounters opposition. Everything. There are three base choices to handle opposition.

1) Overcome. Subdue. Conquer

2) Incorporate. Combine with. Join.

3) Avoid. Work around.

All three have one thing in common: Work. Failure to work equals death because the opposition then overcomes and conquers.

Myself, I like option 2 the most. That offers the chance for the most successful, long term and healthy growth. Yes, there are risks, but it's still the best option.

So if you won't join me, convince me to join you.

The floor is yours.


  1. The handful of things we do disagree on are relatively minor and/or have proven over the years to be very little of a concern enough to warrant a meaningful discussion. Besides, we can normally pick up an argument for one another and leave the opposition scrambling.:)

  2. The polyamory shirt was excellent, btw.


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