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Thursday, March 3, 2011

In 30 foot high flaming letters - Caution, contains mild profanity

I refer you here to news that Newt Gingrich has formally announced plans to look at running for president.

Far cuter and far less dangerous than the Newt I refer to.
Some of you may be surprised to hear of my objections. In truth, I do not object to Newt running for office. I massively and hugely object to him holding elected office, albeit I think he'd be marginally better than the current president. But I have been wrong before.
Yup. Been there plenty o' times.
Why? Several reasons

• He is a liar. When the Reboobicans lost the House of Reprehensibles to the Damnocrats, Newt also won his election in N. Ga. But he resigned. He threw the district into the financial morass of paying for another election. In running for election, he made a promise that, if elected, he would serve. He was elected and he refused to serve.

• He is a career politician. Can you say "Special Interest?" I knew you could. Newt is in bed with just as many political string pullers as Nancy Pelosi. We need new people in office, people who have no connections to the existing power structure and so an embedded interest in maintaining that structure.
A veteran politician.
• He is a Reboobican. Newt panders directly to the Reboobican base at the expense of the ordinary citizens. He can't mention Damnocrat without mentally cursing, as opposed to me who curses aloud whenever I mention either party. He stands on an idiotology that has no room for change.

• He is an intrinsic part of the existing power structure, the same folks which have got us into the mess we're in, admittedly because fools keep putting the power structure BACK in office. So if I point a finger at Newt & Co. I point the rest of my entire body at the people who don't vote or vote to maintain the power structure.
Tell it honey, tell it.
• Aside from resigning, which I thoroughly supported while at the same time condemning him for not keeping his word, I can't think of anything Newt has done which I supported. Oops. Just thought of one. He let the federal government "shut down" when the budget was being negotiated. That I liked. Unfortunately, he later caved and continued to the ruinous spending plans.

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