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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The line for Male chauvinists starts...

At the risk of being branded (which has never stopped me and probably won't ever stop me), here's my dollar three-ninety eight on letting women in to combat roles in the military.

Bad idea.

Yeah, I know they are already in combat. I have interviewed lady soldiers who have gone one-to-one in hand to hand combat with the opposition. I know they are in harm's way. I know they can shoot just as well as a man, etc etc etc etc.

Feel free to espouse the reasons why I am a moron for my opinion, how I'm wrong and pig-headed, misogynistic, caveman, etc etc etc.

That ain't gonna change some factual information, some of which is biological, some of which ain't, but if the truth is ever known, it may all run right down to some biological imperatives.

Fact Zee Numero Uno: Biology.

In a truly misogynistic statement which I merely pass along to make a point and offer NO personal opinion one way or another: Never trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die.

If you are still with me and can see straight, look at that statement a little closer.

Women have a monthly cycle which causes them to bleed. This results in an sharp increase in personal care hygiene for women.


In addition to packing around regular supplies, a woman in combat would be required to haul around supplies necessary to take care of that, else she'd be wearing bloody clothes.

Military supplies, of a necessity, must be packed in waterproof containers or be sufficiently waterproof of themselves to not deteriorate when dropped in a river.

Infantry grunts have to haul a lot of stuff and the military (supposedly) takes pains to reduce the overall weight. Still, they haul a lotta stuff. Adding to that weight is more strain on the soldier.

Which brings me to another fact: Like it or not, on average women are not as strong as men either. This may or may not be a factor in combat troops, but it can be.

Another fact for you to consider: Women are more likely to be sexually assaulted than men. Women taken prisoner get raped.

In addition to the trauma this puts on the woman, imagine what it would do to the men in her unit if they were forced to watch this take place.


Another fact: Women get pregnant. Men don't.

Whine all you wanna, but the simple fact of THIS one is a LOT of women who signed up for the National Guard and the Reserves went out and intentionally got pregnant in order to avoid being deployed.

I wanna see some militant feminists argue that one.

Yes, women can take drugs which can mostly prevent pregnancy. They ain't 100 percent. I know ladies who found out the hard way such things are not 100 percent.

Want another fact related to most of the above: Men and women have different views on Making the Beast With Two Backs.

Yes huh.

Want proof?

Women need a reason. Men need a place. Don't like that?

Same concept in one word: Prostitution. 

More'n 90 percent of the sex trade workers in the world, both genders, cater to men.

I ain't going into the whys and wherefores of this, I'm just pointing out the obvious. Men and women approach sex differently. Men who go to sex workers do so NOT because of the physical interaction, but because when the transaction is over, the other person leaves. End of story. No more contact.

There's more I could post and say about this, but this is enough to make the point for me.


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