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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update by request and some opinion cause I want to

The Georgia House passed the deer baiting bill. It now heads to the Senate. Will it pass?

From my seat, odds are good, ‘cause the Senate passed this -

If the Senate is willing to let us carry guns pretty much wherever we want, I think they’ll also let us drop corn to hunt deer.

From the AJC legislative wrap-up - "SB 102 opens up concealed carrying in churches and other places now restricted, such as churches, if the church decides it is OK, by people driving through schools to pick up or drop off students, and places such as Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport's passenger pickup and baggage claim area. Hartsfield-Jackson bans the practice. A late amendment by Mullis and others said that all persons elected to state and local offices can carry concealed weapons without obtaining a concealed-carry permit.

"It passed 41-11."

Now for the commentary.

The most common objection to hunting deer over bait is - It's not sporting. One hunter who has argued with me likened it to shooting livestock over a feed trough.

I grew up on a farm that raised cattle (still farm but no livestock). I have killed livestock pretty much over a feed trough. These animals were almost all killed at a distance of a few feet with a .22 bullet between the eyes. A couple were killed in other ways, but they all died quickly.

Sporting? Absolutely not. No question. These animals were raised to be food. It was their destiny to be served on a plate.

The last deer I killed during deer season, I shot at about 100 yards with a .270. This rifle, unlike the .22 rifle I used to drop livestock, is capable of hitting and killing a deer sized target at 500 yards or more.

My longest kill shot was 130 yards. My closest probably 15 yards. Sometimes I have killed deer sitting in truck (keys in the floorboard and this is entirely legal in Georgia). Sometimes I have worn enough camo to hide my eyeballs and I was sprayed down with cover scent and had attractant scents scattered around me.

Georgia law allows me to plant a field of corn, take a combine and swing the auger arm out and combine the corn, dumping it right back on the field. I can even put the corn in a trailer and as long as it never leaves the field, I can pour corn from the trailer on the field. Completely legal.

And hauling in bags of corn and dumping it is illegal?

Deer are routinely killed by hunters at distances of 500+ yards by "sporting" hunters who are camo'd completely, have all kinds of scents, sit in elevated stands and do everything they can to be as close to invisible as they can be.


You want to hunt for sport, consider the primitive guys - the ones who hunt with spears or bows they made themselves and arrows they carved from river cane with stone tips they fletched. They shoot to distances of 20 yards.

THAT is sporting.

Better yet if you want REAL sporting, tackle the deer with your bare hands.

That'd be sport.

I am not denigrating any hunters here. I merely point out stretching a definition of a word distorts it, turning it into something different.

When I hunt for deer I am not interested in sport. I hunt for meat. It takes about 8 deer (and more hogs plus various other critters I kill) a year to keep my family in meat. We do not buy much meat in the grocery store.

I hunt for food. I'll take every advantage I can get.

I'm not after sport. If I want sport, I'll go to a clays range or take my rifle to a shooting range. I hunt to feed my family.

I will shoot a nice buck if it walks out on me - I have a pair of 8 points and several smaller bucks. I am not hunting for something for the wall. But I prefer does. They are better and more tender than a buck.

As for the carry law

I ain't exactly keen on the amendment because there are some elected officials who have no business with a gun. I know. I've seen it.

I have literally witnessed fistfights break out in local government meetings. At a Carrabelle, FL, City Council meeting years ago I actually got pictures of the mayor pro tem and a local business man flailing away at each other. The picture ran on Page 2.

I've attended more meetings where tempers flared to the point of nearly breaking into a fight.

At the same time I think letting elected officials carry a gun is a good idea. I've had to cover attacks on elected officials outside meetings. Just because you are elected to an office doesn't mean you are a target for physical violence. You can be verbally attacked, yes, and this is allowed under the Constitution.

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