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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The oldest profession

Is farming. At least as far as we know for sure from the historical record.
In Nevada!

The idea that the sex trade is the oldest profession doesn't have the weight of historical record, that we've found so far. May come a day when someone unearths a chiseled stone from some ancient civilization with the words "B**** best have my money when she get back."

Bearing that in mind, I ask you why should prostitution be illegal? For that matter, why should it be legal? Run this one all the way out and ask, why does prostitution need any sort of government regulation, approval or rejection? Should government be involved in it at all?

I am sure my Christian readers will get quite excited about this and point to various scriptures as proof of why this is wrong. Briefly - There are "saints" in the Bible who "knew" ancient times prostitutes. From the records in the Bible (Genesis), these "saints" were not penalized for this, but did get slapped for other infractions. Prohibitions for such activities come about in later books of the Bible.
Valid currency at one time.

This is also the Christian Bible, a book that tells Christians we are to encourage, promote and love. Nowhere does it say we are to force, demand and hate.

Since I'm here and on this bit, I tell my fellow Christians if you intend to outlaw Prostitution based on Biblical precepts, then you must also outlaw all-you-can eat buffets, being fat, gossip, hatred and many other activities "Christians" engage in with much relish. Sputter, spit, fuss and fume all you want to. But if you pick and choose what to enforce, then I get to pick and choose what to enforce too.

Anyway, back to the central question.

Why is it any of your business what another person does with their body? Insert standard warning disclaimer here as I stand by with your answer rolled into a thick stick.

Gonna outlaw tattoos? Jewelry? Other body modifications?
Injecting some science into this debate.

"But it's sex. Diseases are transmitted that way. Diseases that kill people and etc," you say.

Pfffft. Sneezes, coughs, failure to wash your hands after attending a call of nature and just terrible person hygiene transmit more diseases than sex. Some of the diseases are just as fatal as anything you can get from sex.

Don't EVEN try to talk about the intimate nature of the sex act. It ain't No. 1 on that list either.

Chances are near 100 percent you know someone who's life was saved or at least lengthened by a blood transfusion.
I am an organ donor. Are you?

Chances are near 100 percent you know someone who's life was extended by an organ transplant.

You compare getting a heart transplant to sex on an intimacy scale.

"Well, prostitutes should go out and get a good job that contributes to the good of society," you say.

Ah. A few things here. What gives you the right to make a moral judgment of someone else by saying their work is "not good" and does "not contribute to the good of society?"

Looked for a job recently in this economy? You gonna hire a hooker to keep her from turning tricks?

I come back to the original question - what gives you the right to tell someone what they can and can't do with their body.

The truth hurts sometimes.
"It destroys marriages," you say.

No. It doesn't. Marriages are destroyed. by a VERY large margin, because of a lack of communication. When a person can't get what is needed in a marriage, the person will look elsewhere.  "Ladies, if you feed your man prime rib, he's not going to go looking for scraps in the alley," said a preacher friend of mine to his Sunday morning congregation. Can I get an Amen? More marriages are destroyed by a partner who won't than by anything else.

Some places have legalized prostitution. I am not aware of higher incidents of STDs, violence or any of the other stuff that people attempt to link to prostitution. For that matter, which discusses how such things DROPPED. Another one for ya, with additional embedded links.

In the United States, there is no federal prohibition on prostitution. Sex acts are legal business in parts of Nevada. Parts. Prostitution is not legal in Clark County, home of Las Vegas. Prostitution is also legal in other parts of the world. It's even taxed.
Illegal in Oz. I am not kidding.

I have a friend in Australia, where prostitution is legal. He runs a hooker delivery service. He's offered me a job as driver. I'd take the girls to and from customers. I am not kidding. I told him no. I am not interested in living in a country with the world's 20 most venomous critters and a place where owning an Arkansas toothpick is illegal.

Explain that one to me. Can't own a large knife but you can hire a hooker for a few hours.

In the United States, we have Constitutional guarantees of freedom. I can't find anywhere in this noble document that indicates prostitution should be illegal. Rather, I can find the Founding Fathers and signatories to the august paperwork did use prostitutes (much to the chagrin of many.)

The majority of the world's sex trade is aimed at men. A lot of women around the world object to this. Married women especially object to this. See comment above from my preacher friend. But not all the sex trade is aimed at men. Some is for women.

There are a few who will point to children being used in the sex trade. This is a different matter and such people to put children in that position need to be staked out in the Bay of Fundy at low tide.

Why is it illegal? Gimme some good rational and sound reasons for it.

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