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Monday, May 4, 2015

What part of "No" is beyond your comprehension

The more I think about this, the more aggravated I get.

To 'splain - This time of year, I spend a LOT of time taking pictures after hours and on the weekend. Comes with the job. End of school stuff happens and it needs to be covered.

I really enjoy doing this. Truly. Putting pictures of the kids in the paper makes me happy.


Some people apparently believe time is a flexible commodity. Some people believe that their time is the most important thing in the entire world. Some people believe that the world should go into suspended animation to wait for them to catch up.

You may say they don't believe this. I tell you actions speak louder than words and their actions say just that.

This does not JUST apply to kids and end of the year activities. Adults are just as bad. I have come to learn that any time a large group of people asks to have pictures made, someone is going to be late.

At these events, invariably, someone is going to show up late.

"Well __________ is not here. We need to wait."


"But __________ is not here."




Pictures are taken. Moved on to the next subjects.

"Can you retake..."


"But ________ was not here."


The time was announced. Everyone knew when they were supposed to be there.

Here's an old proverb-type saying: "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."

In this, my sister and I are of one accord.

People who are late - nope, not going there.

People who are late are inconsiderate - nope, not going there.

Where adults are concerned, oh well. Where kids are concerned, it torques me because the young'un won't get all the recognition he deserves. However, kids also have to learn life lessons. Learning to be on time or suffer the consequences of being late is one of those lessons.

As previously noted, I can sometimes crop images together. Someone who was not present, I can sometimes put 'em into the picture. In the case of a genuine mistake, happy to do it. If an emergency kept the person away, happy to do it. If the person had a conflict and couldn't be there, happy to do it. At least happy to try to do it. No guarantees.

But because the person was late?


"But you can do it."


"Why won't you do it?"


"Well, you're a right %*(&^($%"


And, I was also on time. I didn't hold up everyone else in the group. So,

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