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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Even Sisyphus would balk

It is impossible to remove all religious icons from public property.

Wanna bet?

Human beings have such an ability to create religion that some people are stunned.

Death is now a religion (again). How will you remove death from public property? Microbes are living and dying every instant all over public property.

"Baker, yer logical extension broke off. Try again."

Ever dine out? Like pasta? That plate of spaghetti is a religious icon.

That turf, the nice green grass?

Plain old dirt?

Render it to absolutely nothing (which is itself impossible short of eliminating the entire planet)?

"Baker, that stuff is just idiotic. Buncha fools."

Regardless of your opinion, or mine, the fact is the religions have gained acceptance by the very governments which oversee public property.

Religious icons on public property are going to exist. If this offends you, please send your name to me so I can mark you off my list. While I personally didn't offend you, bringing this to your attention qualifies.

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