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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A sufficient application of force

This, for those who don't understand SCIENCE! or MATH!, is the equation for force.

It applies to any and all uses of force.

Government is force. Period.

People who keep screaming for government to do something are only asking for more force. They deny this, but it is true. Government works by making threats and then dealing out punishment.

"Baker, you are an idiot," someone will say.

OK, show me an instance where government functions without having the ability to resort to punishment, whether just or unjust.

You can't.

Someone is going to say, "Baker, you have again proven that you are an idiot. Government is not force."

M'kay. Show me an example. Any example. One example. Give me one single example where government is not force and I'll admit to being wrong. Punishment = force.

You can't do it.

Government is force. Government is imposed on others. The verb "imposed" requires force. It implies resistance to that force and implies the ones being imposed upon resent it.

Mass and Acceleration make up the other side of the equation: Law is mass. The ability to make people follow the law, punishment, is acceleration.

Government creates law and then uses various means to enforce (see, the word force again) that law.

Whom the force belongs to is the only issue that can be debated. In a dictatorship, the tyrant has the force. In a true and classically defined democracy, the force belongs to a majority of the people.

Aside: The United States is not nor has it ever been a true democracy. The meaning of democracy has changed over time, so the US does semi-fit the modern definition. The US is a republic with strong oligarchy leanings.

In a republic, a majority of the voters (not a majority of the people), invest mass and acceleration into elected representatives. They combine to create force. Vigilante is another form of government

Government has to be force. There's just no way around it.

If government is not force, then there can be no law. Without law, there's no need for an enforcement mechanism. If there's an enforcement mechanism but nothing to enforce, then it is nothing.

Force is necessary. Absolutely necessary. The problem is when to reign in that force before it gets out of control.

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