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Monday, May 18, 2015

I'd like to resign, please

Can someone direct me to where I can resign my membership in human.

Disclaimer. I am a biker, trying to be a Christian, a better Dad, a halfway decent newspaper editor & reporter, etc etc etc ad naseum infinitum.

Not die. Just let me out of this thing called human. Any way we can get a functioning star ship up & running soon? Something to cruise the Universe.


Religion (and I consider atheism to be a religion). Politics. Cults. Gangs. Racists. Government. Civic and professional clubs. Anywhere two or more people gather together with a like mind, common goal and intention.

They all have two things in common - Organization and Humans.

This leads to another thing they all have in common - Exclusion and a way to prevent others from being accepted.

Every. Single. One.

Think not? Show me any group of people which has NO requirements for full acceptance other than being human.

You can't do it.

Church? All are welcome? Then why are there empty pews every time the door opens.

"Well, Baker, the people just don't—"

Stop there. Any time you stick a "do" or a "do not" you're putting qualifiers on it.

No. Qualifiers.


Yassee, this kind of thing makes me want to withdraw my membership in human.  C'mon guys! We have enough problems with cages, biker-hatin' laws and ... yeah. There I go doing the VERY thing I'm exhorting against. I wish I could share more of the things that have recently brought me down. Not going to tell you for reasons I will explain in a moment.

I want to stop human. Not necessarily being human. Not quitting the  human race, as this implies a challenge, but human. Disassociate myself with people who have the same DNA structure. Kind of like a weird relative someone asks you about.

"Him? Oh, uh, yeah. That's uh... Yeah." and then you change the subject partly from embarassment, partly from disgust, partly from annoyance and so on.

People have an innate need to be accepted. To belong is a slightly different track.

The problem with the need to be accepted is it perverts us. Humans go to great lengths to fill this need. We'll abandon everything we claim to hold dear.  We all look for a rallying point. Even this column, this demand to resign from human is a cry for acceptance and an invitation to join me.

If we're frustrated in these efforts to find our tribe, we can turn mean. "If I'm not going to fit, neither are you." And this is why I'm not telling you about the other things that brought me down. I can't do it without turning mean. If I share those instances, I'm going to get petty and bitch-slap those people. Which is one of the things I am railing against.


Mike, Buddhist Boot Camp ain't providing a solution to this one. Maybe I need to read it again.

Maybe I just need a long fishing trip.

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  1. I always say I am the only form of true Racist in the world. I think the entire human race SUCKS! Sure there are outstanding individuals and even some wonderful groups, but generally when you get two or more human types together, things tend to go downhill fast.


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