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Thursday, May 7, 2015

We hates math, yes we does My Precious, we hates it

Most of my freelance work these days is done through outfits that charge a commission somewhere along the line.

The sound you just heard is the collective gasp of horror by my mercenary comrades (or as Rebel calls us, prostitutes).

The horror is that I'm willing to give up part of my pay for what they see as no reason at all.

Not at all. In exchange for these commissions, I get math services. Immediately prior to writing today's ramble, I totaled up the April bill for one of my clients. Had to do it twice and I'm STILL not sure it's correct.

We hates math. Yes we does My Precious. We hates it.

Dad was a Georgia Tech engineer grad. Imagine his horror when he discovered his oldest son, while a junior in high school, had the math skills of a 6th grader. The test was rigged. My math ability is actually lower than that.

This is why I don't have complaints about those commissions. In exchange:

• They bill the client

• I don't do the math

• I get to write

• They worry about the client not paying

• I don't do the math

• I get to write

• I get my money

• I don't do the math

• I get to write

• They take care of totaling my earnings and send me a 1099

• They have to do the math

• I don't do the math

• I get to write

• They handle a LOT of the marketing end

• I get to write and write and write and they do the math

Get the idea?

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