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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Choose wisely

Solomon is credited, by some people, as being the wisest man in existence, the second wisest or just among the wise.

In case yer not wondering, I peg him as No. 2.

A point is coming. As I write this, the radio show "This American Life" is airing on Georgia Public Radio. It's the Superhero show.

Episode one posed the question: If you had the choice between being able to fly or being invisible, which would you choose?

Based strictly on the parameters of this question, you can already do both.

You ride a planet hurtling through the universe.

You cannot be seen in certain wavelengths.

"Baker, stop being technical."

The details are what can kill you to death faster than you can imagine it.

So think again, which would you choose.

Here's another parameter for each:

You can fly on earth under your own power.

You can be invisible to the human eye.


As to being invisible, any deer hunter worth his venison can make this happen. If you need help, try here or here



"That ain't what it means."

Au contraire, that is exactly what it means. You are putting your personal spin on it. You are reading things into it. You are overlaying your experiences on top of this. You are wrong. You are right.

I ask again, which would you choose?

OK, fly under your own power with no mechanic equipment and fly for as long as you want to and land safely.

Be invisible in the wavelengths which can be seen by the human eye.

OK. You fly at a speed of 1 foot per hour.

As for being invisible in the wavelengths people can see, are you ready for that much ostracization?

"Why are you making things difficult?"

Just asking questions. Just trying to make you think. Just trying to get you out of your comfort zone and find wisdom.

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