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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nostradamus would be proud

The sacrifices I make for you, my readers. You do not appreciate what it takes to produce this non-award-winning commentary on a highly irregular basis.

Like this email I got from Steve:
Please read this message below from our sponsor, Delcroft Investments.

Alan Morris, Editor
This short documentary has been banned in all Catholic European countries.
And Extremists have hacked Youtube servers trying to take it down
Click here to watch what has united the Catholic Church and extremists for one sinister purpose...
Just make sure you watch it with the door locked and with the sound turned down...
Normally I just dump these emails unread into the spam folder. But noooooo. I sacrificed today and pulled the email out of the trash, opened it and clicked through the link to get to THIS video.

I did not watch the video. I'm only willing to go so far. After all, I hardly know most of you (waves to N. Korea, the NSA and Dept. of Homeland Insecurity) and I'm really not that kind of writer. So, let's do lunch. If you buy, we can talk about second base. But you better call me in the morning if we do.

Anyway, this is just another mondo misfire in a massive line of conspiracy theories that have been going on just about since JFK was shot by 800 of Emperor Palpatine's Stormtrooper snipers.

The Cantservative Nattering Nutjobs (CNN) lost their minds when Bill Clinton was elected. They insisted he was going to declare martial law, take everyone's guns and quarter soldiers in our houses.

Didn't happen.

The liarberal Foolish Oxymoronic Xenophiles (FOX) went ballistic when Dubya was elected. They insisted he was going to rape the environment – without using any protection whatsoever! – bring slavery back and turn women into the kind of females the Kzinti warriors demand.

(Tell me, what other blog can you find that links classic S.F., politics, Dilbert, weird French guys, satire and today's leading edge conspiracy theorists? There is none. Dammit, I deserve an award for this stuff.)

Didn't happen.

The current POTUS (Poophead Of Tremendous & Unusual Stupidity) got elected and the CNN crowd fired right back up with the same tired line of doom, gloom and tyranny. The FOX affiliates are already trashing the potential CNN candidates for POTUS. The CNN affiliates are full monkey-style-poop-throwing ahead on the FOX candidates.

Hasn't happened.

In ALL cases the most severe whackjobs out there stockpiled food, ammunition, built underground bunkers, declared themselves to be an independent nation, not subject to the laws of the United States and generally acted like Kim Jong Flattop over in N. Korea, except they spoke English and when they got into an argument with law enforcement, they got arrested.

If you clicked that last link, you went to John Hogue's website. Hogue has re-written several times a book on the prophecies of Nostradamus. With each revision, he's cast a world evildoer as the anti-Christ Nostry spoke of. It started with the Grand Idioteller in Iran. When he died and failed to take over the world, Hogue rewrote, recasting another right SOB as the AC. Saddam Hussein was once the AC. He became extremely intimate with a rope and didn't ascend to the AC throne. Hogue rewrote. Osama bin Laden is (was) the AC. OBL was introduced to some of Uncle Sam's Special Forces in a terminal way. Dunno who Hogue has pegged as the next AC.

But plenty of people have ID'd POTUS as the next AC. They also ID'd Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Dubya as such.

Ain't happened. Won't happen. People like Steve et al who send me stupid crap like this are deserving of all the ridicule I can heap on their pointy heads. Since they have pointy heads, it just rolls off and they forget about it, just as they conveniently forget their past predictions failed to come true.

Whether you agree in with the Bible or not, this is absolutely true, "...because many false prophets are gone out into the world." 1 John 4:1.

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  1. Whatever people want to believe, it is rather concerning that it took me about ten minutes and 20 reviews before I cam on your review, which was the only one I found that was not a promotional item. What's happened to Google and Bing that lets them show 10 pages of "reviews" ending with "download the pdf now" and none pointing out what a scam it really is?


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