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Saturday, May 2, 2015

SCIENCE! and why absolutes bother me

I support SCIENCE! I really do.

Let's drop the annoying all caps and emphasis from here on. Just assume it's there.

Science has allowed me to live this long. Were I born 200 years ago, I'd have never made it to 5 years old. Various infections would have laid me out cold. Advances in science gave humans the ability to fight diseases, heal illness and so forth.

Science is behind your ability to read this. Science led to the clothes you wear (assuming you are wearing clothes). Science, science, science, science.


Science has never actually created anything. By create I mean generate something entirely new, something never seen before, created from nothing.

Science has recombined things.

Someone is gonna point to the nano-second-lived radioactive particles like Einsteinium and others. Those are made by smashing other things together in particle accelerators. The sun, that ball of gas which supports most of the life on earth, is a particle accelerator. If we're to believe science, supernovas have been smashing stuff together for eons, probably even creating particles like Einsteinium. We have no idea what's created beyond the event horizon of a black hole.

No objections to the re-combination of things. Just saying that's what happened.

My next point is science has never explained anything. Science describes things.

2+2=4. This is science. However, no one has yet managed to explain exactly WHY a deuce and a deuce combines to form a quartet. It does. For the vast majority people, that's enough. For a real scientist, it's not. The search for why continues.

Science is also hampered, mmmm, make that severely handicapped by its limited ability to perceive things. By that I mean science can't see, feel, grasp, smell, touch, etc etc etc the world around us. Again, someone is going to object.

Dark matter.

Dark energy.

What about dark life? I don't mean the things that live deep in the earth or at the bottom of the ocean. I mean things that live within the dark matter and dark energy spheres. 

So I bring you this story of the late charlatan Sylvia Browne. I say charlatan and I mean it. Browne and the scum like her need to put in jail.

Science has so far not found firm evidence of the "paranormal" but that doesn't mean it does not exist. Means science hasn't found it. From a link above, "A few years back, scientists discovered that the ocean crust, previously considered a thick layer of lifeless rock that covers 60% of the Earth’s surface, actually contained some microbes. But the extent of the microbial ecosystem in the crust was unclear until a study published recently revealed that the 'dark biosphere' in the ocean crust might be one of the biggest ecosystems on the planet."


So, just because Browne and the rest of the famous ones are frauds doesn't mean the abilities they don't have cannot exist. It is possible someone out there can do what the fakes claim. The fact that it hasn't been proven in controlled (i.e. lab) settings does not mean it doesn't exist. Just means we've not found sufficient evidence yet.
I also point you to the following science:

• The sun revolves around the earth

• It is impossible to operate on a living human's heart and that person survive

• A human cannot run a mile under four minutes

• Spontaneous generation

• Unicorns (of the magical horn variety)

• Phrenology

All now discredited. For now. As for what the future holds?

True science is not absolutes. It can't be.  Real science, the kind I like, says as much. It says "Well, based on what we know right now." That works for me.

Those who stand on absolute certainty, no matter the subject, no matter the topic, no matter the issue, well, they must be riding unicorns.

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